11 AUG 2014 :: Trying again

I've been praying for some time about all the issues I am dealing with...and whether to blog through them, but I am not sure that is the answer. I want to blog, but there are only so many things one person can do. I am not Superwoman.

The news is a little slow in the recess. Everyone seems to be plotting their strategy for the election that is ahead of us. I mailed a letter with my suggestions for America on the topics of Inmate Income, Immigration, and Taxes -- I think those were the main one. I still need to write about the Education issues, but that would be a long letter by itself.

Does it really help to write to the government about anything? I would be so sure. I call it a quicksand organization, probably in more departments than I have had personal experience. It may be that no one is really in charge. This is good when your leadership view is in charge, but who represents the best interests of America? It's always the party's needs, the need to get re-elected, the agenda. Every citizen is an individual view. I wonder if they would reduce their pay and benefits if the economy went bankrupt.

When I get more organized I will post my writings somewhere...here, my website, or both. I need a big help from GOD right now...so I hope He comes through. I hate to think about the future we face in a world that hates GOD, the Bible, and anyone affiliated with them.

I see the trend right now is a bit on the negative side, so I better go for now. I will try to write more focused posts as the days go by.

My planned workweek for WT is Monday through Thursday...Sabbath details on Friday and Saturday...and I haven't figured out Sunday yet. The divide between being a Jew, and adopted Jew through faith in Christ, and a Christian is a difficult one to pass through. I am still walking that prayer.

Naturally there will be jobs that go 24-hours (Respite Centers), and flexible hours on other days, but the goal is to care for as many people as possible (part-time hours), improve families (4-day work weeks), and cover basic needs in a wide variety of ways.

Once we get our sales going, our offices established, and our outreaches organized, members will have a great choice of benefits to enjoy.  I so hope and pray that GOD will let me get it going. I doubt anyone else will care like I do, or have the background and focus that I do. This is why I was born, but just in case GOD takes me soon, I want to get it all on paper. Pray GOD finally helps me.