28 AUG 2014 :: Sorting and Deleting posts

Finally, I have finished updating my blog site to a small historical record (with some links that are on my website) and the new beginning.  :-)  Lets see if we can keep this going now!

It was strange reading through old blogs. Some had pieces of thoughts I want to repeat, so those will make their way into new postings. Memories came back. Smiles at what I thought was important at the time.  Some I was glad to get rid of!  :-)  We change, we stay the same...it is good to remember what we have gone through.

I have been cleaning up my Facebook and Twitter accounts, too. I discovered "Notes" yesterday and created my first one. That may be something I do more of. The biggest challenge with social media for me is the vast numbers and sorting through the pile to get to the information I really need to see.

I am drawing back on  Twitter accounts and then going to sort through the pages to figure out which ones are most important for my needs.  It seems there is only one way to do that: by creating a list of @ addresses.

Facebook has other issues. We will conquer those, too.  :-)

There is lots to get done today. I am getting more and more organized, finding the limits of my time and my body, and my finances. Next week may become a better blogging experience for all of us. I hope. Writing takes time, and I like to keep hard copies of things I include in serious articles. I have to find a way to do that. Files on topics that are essential to me will help me include more reference materials.

In discovering social media I am also discovering things I don't want to know. Protecting my life from their harm, and trying to utilize social websites for the goals I have, is a huge goal I am finding. The "bad guys" seem to violate our lives way too much, and too often. Christians will have to find a way to separate and thrive in ungodly environments.  We better ALL pray for GOD to show us the way through technology.

  • I hope your weekend will be filled with happiness and family/friend/fellowship time/rest/recuperation.
  • Make sure you honor the Sabbath. GOD recovered the Sabbath neglect in a harsh way, that must mean it is very important to Him.  Find your peace about how that is done in His eyes.
  • Read the Bible and listen for GOD's message to you.
  • Eat healthy foods in moderate portions, and don't forget to enjoy it.
  • Splurge in something that really makes you feel happy.  :-)

GOD willing, I will return to blog on Monday.