1 SEP 2014 :: Starting a new month and a list of new goals to reach

It is late, and I have been getting through my day, trying to work my list of things to do, and finding unexpected "interruptions" to deal with...that is how it always seems to go.  I have finally gotten to my online duties and activities.

September 1st starts my one year "diet" effort...trying to reduce my weight and help my body. I have resolved to weigh myself on the first of the month for my official chart. I am working on my calorie charts and menu planning. I have been collecting the labels on the foods I eat to try to work out the total calories I eat, or somewhere near the right total.  Mixed foods are a challenge. 

I am learning portions...cooked and uncooked...cups, ounces, grams, Tablespoons...etc. I like to put everything I can into foods, that may be a problem for my calorie counts!!!  :-)   I finally worked out the details of my pasta salad today...then I realized I forgot the pasta amount...wrecked my happiness. I think the pasta salad was over half of my 1800 calorie goal.  :-)   This is not going to be easy.

I am trying to build up my Etsy shop and other online sales venues by creating new listings. I haven't gotten to it today...it is a real challenge. I may try to list my fiverr.com/work2gather gig if I can.  Midnight is the deadline.

I found my GOALS recording from Brian Tracy and listened to it again. I may help myself by putting it on once a day, to remind me of what goals are and how other people achieve them.  I can do this!  I know I can!  :-)

Actually, I have been a goal maker for years...my goals just don't always include money. Now I need money...retirement, survival, WT...a lot of things.  I have a goal to make $300 a week...but not sure how long that will take. I was breaking it down into prices and how many things I would need to sell for that price.  Now I am trying to think of what I can sell that is worth a LOT of money!  :-)  September will help me find out.

Well...that's the happenings of the day...some of them. Maybe we can all lose weight and achieve our goals together...that would be great.