15 SEP 2014 :: A new week, and new thoughts

Been thinking about a lot of things over the weekend. It was a hard one on my body, and brings health and goals and limitations. What can I personally achieve?

Been praying much more about a variety of issues in my life...and how they show us the End Times are only going to get worse.  :-( 

I did discover a calorie count in an older cookbook called "Laurel's Kitchen" -- a vegetarian manual from a long time ago...probably before it was popular. Saving labels from the foods I eat, and that I gather from other foods, and this chart, will all help me to find the foods I can eat that will be good for my health. This book says that to lose weight we need to reduce our calories by 500 a day in order to equal the 3500 it takes to lose one pound. If you are able to do that, you should lose at least 50 pounds in a year. There is a warning not to go below 1200 at any time...that is minimal health.

This is an older book, but I think calories are calories, and the recipes are health oriented. I am hoping to try several very soon. I already made a batch of Yeast Butter to try...this is one melted cube of margarine mixed with 2 Tablespoons of Brewer's Yeast/Nutritional Yeast. It mixed up well. I hope it tastes well. Should be used on toast, melted on veggies, and things like that. There is also a recipe called Better Butter that is suppose to be much lower in calories per teaspoon...kind of like home-made margarine, I think. Will have to get some real butter before I can try this recipe.

Food is very important to our lives. I find that when I eat the things that are good for me, I don't really need to eat as much or as often. I am hoping to keep myself from eating out of boredom or just because something sounds good at the time.  I once heard that the Skinny Person's Diet is just waiting until you are really hungry and then only eating enough to not feel hungry anymore. I eat too much, especially when it is something I love. I hate to waste food, so I clean my plate. Finding ways to make and eat just enough is one of my personal goals.

I have two sons with birthdays this time of year. Pray they will return to the faith of their childhoods...and find the best path GOD has planned for them. It is all a parent wants. When people are truly saved, they become the best people that they can be. I want my sons to find that joy and peace and meaning in their lives. Pray for them...all three of them.  Thanks.

I also pray for other family members, and friends, and others who affect my life. Our lives are hurt by people who don't know Jesus as their savior...the world would be so much better if people were truly saved.

That is about all I can offer you right now. I am still dealing with body problems and need to get my deskwork done and lay this body down.

I noticed the lottery is huge...I will have to pray about that... It is my only hope for financing.  :-(  I don't really have the money to buy even one ticket...so I have to pray about it between now and Wednesday.  I would love to think that family members would share, but I don't know that they would. I think GOD would have to bless me so I can bless others, and build WT with the funds so more can be helped.  Pray I win if it is GOD's way of providing. Otherwise, pray that GOD will provide the finances some other way as soon as possible.  The needs are very urgent for me.