2 SEP 2014 :: One day at a time is the only way to reach the future

Here I am again..

I have been browsing my social media and finding out what is going on in their perspective. I posted a tweet with a link to   http://www.nationalgeographic.com/foodbynumbers/#.VAYyWHx0w0c  a short video on the future of bugs (crickets, beetles, etc.) as a major food source. I think it's worth a quick look. I didn't realize it is becoming an industrialized process.

Discovered a Washington Examiner link to a piece on the election's effects on a government shutdown just before voting day...with the Democrats vs the Republican's themes. It is always about the attacks and so little about the deep issues we are facing as a nation.

I found a homemade "lava lamp" project that looked like a good thing to experiment with. This one used Alka-Seltzer tablets for fizzies.  I am wondering if there is a way to make the project into a really great lava lamp thing...with the big globs that travel back and forth.  I figure a really tall clear water-tight jar would help.   http://t.co/BvZzLKWA5K    I don't know how these Twitter shortcuts work in a blog post, but here is the one from the post. I tried it and it works here.

There is so much to access on the internet it is hard to keep track of it...and you don't have an assurance that the information is correct, current, or even worth your time.  I am wondering how this information reliability will work out as time goes on. I will probably be gone, but I hate the idea that the government or any other entity with money, power, or control, can deprive us of the truth. We can't make good decisions unless we have the facts we need.

I finished my fiverr.com/work2gather listing this morning. I am not sure how to deal with the open-ended nature of fiverr. I want to create things, but one person can only do so much in a day, week, or month. I would like to see a reasonable limit option...where I can say I will take up to 100 orders in a week, or 50, or 1,000,000 ---- It is a great concept, the $5 thing, but hard to work with.

I decided to try a postcard gig...where I can create the design using the customer's submitted quotation. I need to approve the quotation. I don't want to agree to something I cannot participate in or pass on to others. Once I am done with the design, by computer or using art supplies, then I will mail it to them (or someone else they choose). The purchase is just for the postcard. I will retain the design copyright.

I think this might work better at etsy.com/work2gather  but I am still trying to decide. I am thinking I can list it as a "made to order" item on etsy.  I am still trying to think of other projects that might be better at fiverr.

Online sales will be a wonderful income option for me once I figure out the things I want to make and the places I want to sell, how much time I can involve myself in it, what my health limitations are. As I get the equipment and supplies I really want to work in, the things I make for selling will become what I envision them to be.  ---  All of this depends on how long I live and how healthy I stay.

I am going to take early retirement with Social Security because my income is so low...(nothing), but that won't matter if I can find other income options. This is the main goal.  I had expected Working Together to be my retirement income, but that hasn't worked out. I guess GOD has another plan...and I have to figure out what it is.

I hope I can build a Christian community so I can live there, and feel safer, more secure, happier with those who know the GOD I know.

I am still praying for that...and all the other things I have been seeking GOD about over the years. Pray for me when you can.  Thanks.