23 SEP 2014 :: Holiday GOALS to raise money

I have been busy with Etsy today...reading, writing, trying to find the best way to increase my income through my shop there (work2gather). I was checking my emails and noticed again the Holiday Boot Camp announcement. It's a 4 week email seminar that you sign up for. Etsy creates a whole section devoted to the Holiday sales process - getting ready, promoting, learning from each other, etc.

Tonight I posted on several threads, most associated with the Holiday Team effort. I listed some of my goals for my shop this year, and what I want out of the Boot Camp. I found a post about making a 100 Day Journal and posted some of my experiences with goal setting and recording what you do to help achieve your goal/s. (I also checked on some of my other threads, and posted a conversation with one seller I discovered tonight.) They have a lot of support options for sellers to share their process. I am finding my way through them.  :-)

I have been reading some of the Etsy blog posts about improving your shop and marketing efforts. I am looking at the long-term goal of being ready for next Christmas season, but trying to find out what I can do to sell as much as possible this year.

My ultimate goal, for now, is to gather $300 NET income per week...from a variety of sources. As my health gets worse, I will have to cut back on some of my sales options, but I can still look for products that won't need a lot of continued activity...like PDF sales, eBook sales, etc. My goal in life right now is to find those options and get them in place!  :-)

SMART GOALS are part of the Holiday Boot Camp this year. They have a really nice sheet to print and use to sort through your sales goals for the season. I am using it for other goal setting activities. My Goal Notebook is really beginning to get organized and functional. I am fine tuning my forms, and discovering what information really matters to me and what I want to do. If I live long enough, the future may not be so bad.

I won't be writing much tonight...it's late, etc. I just want to ask for your continued prayer for my finances and living situation. My son in jail also needs your prayers to help him find a better future. It never seems like much when all you can do is pray. I guess we always want to fix the problems, to have everything do what we want it to. But it doesn't go like that. I am hoping GOD will honor my needs and provide for them, hear my prayers and answer them with badly needed blessings. I think our dependence on Him is what allows Him to be our hero, our Father, the One we depend on.

I hope GOD is the One you turn to first.