14 OCT 2014 :: Moving up on the sales options chart!

I'm not feeling well today so I want to get this done early...

I have added two more postcard gigs to my fiverr.com/work2gather collection...but still have to do edits as I found a problem right before I logged out.  :-(   I deleted my original "create a postcard..." because that would be too time-consuming. This postcard mailing effort may be just right for me and for fiver...but I think I will add it to my ETSY shop as well.  :-)

Now I am trying to find something to focus on for my eBay pages.  :-)  I don't really own much, so selling my unneeded items isn't an option. I am trying to decide whether to auction all of my extra items, whenever they become a storage problem.

If I feel better after resting, I may get to that ETSY listing process after I finish editing the fiver gigs. I can post on Facebook and Twitter, so far...have to figure out how to do Pinterest. It is all beginning to take shape...and get organized.

I do still need to get to my new paintings.
PRAY that I get to these things.

More important, I need a miracle for my PO Box in Eugene, and to move back in that area. As I said, I am praying for a farm property - big enough to start our own graveyard!  :-) 

If you can, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, I really need to get my Working Together task back in place and away from those who only hurt me because of my faith.   Amen.