22 OCT 2014 :: Getting through week 11

I may not make it to the rest of the day... better add today's blog post now. :-)  Learning new things and fitting everything in is a real challenge. The rain is falling outside. I am tired. The list is still long.

I don't know if you follow my Facebook and Twitter pages, but I mentioned watching a Public Television program last night about Communist Poland A single priest was highlighted for doing something extraordinary : He told the truth.  It, eventually, got him killed.  --  One of the things I noticed was how quickly the Communists destroyed the worker's union that the people had struggled to create. In twelve hours, they said, everything about Solidarity was destroyed and it was as if it never existed. Details like this help me to see how quickly our lives can change when violent forces begin to move. When the Antichrist reveals himself, it won't take long for him to change the way we live.

We read about ISIS. We think we have overcome Al Qaida. We hear about dictators and genocides and terrorist attacks, suicide bombers, and senseless crimes against women and children. The news shows us bombs going off in major cities. Will that happen in America? I don't know...I suppose in time it will. Our enemies want to destroy us and take over or take away our military powers. The violence is endless, and it isn't ever going to stop. This is how "Man" behaves.

These are the things I think about and try to find some way to protect Christians, if GOD allows me to. I suppose this is a foolish dream for a poor woman. I just keep on planning and waiting to see if GOD will provide what is needed. There are no guarantees anything will help us, I just decided that we would be better off if we gathered together and were able to support one another, help provide for each other, create a place that others will know about and turn to when they eventually need it, reduced our expenses, and found ways to make every resource stretch to its limits.

It will take more time than I have, I think. I would like to share what GOD has shown me over these years of struggle and searching so others will know about it.  I am praying for GOD's provisions to the end of my life and to start something for the future. When GOD doesn't provide what we think is minimal, we need to find out what He thinks is enough. Maybe sharing these words is enough. I don't know. I am still praying for the future of Working Together.

Please pray with me. Thanks.