28 OCT 2014 :: Back again

Sorry about yesterday. I really wasn't able to sit up and write anything. Today is still rough. Such are the hazards of my age and health.

I have noticed a lot of activity toward Christmas on Christian radio, on TV, and online. Christmas is a huge selling season for many businesses...I want to become one of them!  :-)  Next year.

We don't know where the economy is going to go. I hope GOD will provide for Working Together so WT can help provide for others. Membership is the best way to start that process. I have my old PayPal links up, but need to change them. I hope to get them updated soon.

I am having problems with my mailing address because of money issues, and the website is in danger. I continue to pray that GOD is more powerful than those who oppose me. I would love to see a big show of His Power to oppose those who are stronger than I, but it all depends on what GOD is doing. I have to keep reminding myself that GOD is able, so if He doesn't do something, there must be a reason, something I can't see.  Faith is a lot harder than some people like to say about it.  :-(  I still hope for the best. I just hate to see all the pain that goes uncared for.

I will be trying to catch up with the loss of the last 4-plus days, but can only do so much. PRAY for me, if you can.