29 OCT 2014 :: Thanks for the patience

Thank you for being patient with me in my health issues and learning process. I am still trying to catch up and find my best balance.

The holiday sales information is beginning to appear everywhere. I discovered a trading option with Etsy today (etsytrades.com) and I hope to try it out as I get my shop site built up. I am collecting scheduling information for next year, and looking for inventory suggestions to prepare for next year. When to order supplies for the season, when to have your inventory ready, how to prepare for shipping, and lots of those kinds of issues. I already have a 2015 calendar page for my planning and notes. I need to get my products figured out and created, then photos, then listings. My goal planning process is helping me to figure out where to put my energy. My greatest issue has always been carving out a workspace. Storage has always been an issue, too, and continues to be a problem.

I always hope that it will be better than it is, but we always have to keep going.

Today I spent more time than I planned to at my ETSY shop and exploring different blogs and information sites. It is a time-consuming effort to build an online sales site. I should be ready for January, but I need to pace my body.

I watched an eBay video on their new international shipping option for US sellers. I am trying to find the best items to sell at my eBay pages, and how to link them to other places. Auctions are great if you have something that everyone wants. You have to get your costs and make some profit for the time and money invested when you sell other things.  I don't have the financial flexibility to experiment on eBay yet...but I have plans to.

International shipping is on my learning list these days. I want to start by selling one thing that is easy to ship everywhere, and then learn the details as I go. I hope that will work.

Keeping up with social media is a big challenge still, but it is all beginning to make sense and I am learning how to deal with the linking process.

I don't have more time to write today, so I will end the post here. I hope you days are going well. Tomorrow is Thursday...YEAH!   Until I figure out a focus for this blog, I am laboring  through the weeks.  :-)   Isn't that how we all have to learn new things?! 

Please PRAY that GOD will provide for me. My needs are great.  Thanks.