30 OCT 2014 :: Week 12 is done! I am so glad! :-)

Today is already a challenge for my body so I thought I better get this done now.

I have been revising some of my GOAL forms and will be working on my ETSY policies for awhile.

I have been creating a focus for my blog post through the holiday season. This is easy for me because I love the giving season and want to share my favorite places to give.

Operation Christmas Child usually collects its shoeboxes for kids right before Thanksgiving. I hope to share about them the second week of November. Samaritan's Purse also has a catalog you can choose gifts like chickens and goats that help families feed and support themselves in places where poverty is so very extreme. 

I also love Toys for Tots, but I have to check on them to get current information. I think they like collecting money starting in September to make purchases, but I will try to find out the links for you to check on them.

I tend to search out Giving Trees when I can afford to give to someone else. They can be found in many places now. Churches often have their own giving trees for people in their congregation or programs. The Salvation Army usually has a Giving Tree. I don't know if Missions have them. Malls and larger stores will generally have a tree you can choose from.

My focus is always on the Christian options...but I will try to include other organizations I also want to be involved in, like the cleft lip groups, and the solar computer groups, and business start-up groups.  There is always someone to give to...we have to find the ones that matter to us.

My ETSY pages are coming along. This weekend I hope to get some new things done so I can rebuild my listings and reach a goal of 50. I am working on a schedule that will help me do what I need to get done. 

Well, that is all for this post, this week, and whatever else is this now.  :-)   The election is next week. I may find something to say about government, freedom, and voting...they are such BIG subjects and everyone has their own view of how the world should be.  I suppose I can add my two cents to the collection.  :-)

Enjoy your weekend, and please continue to pray for me. I am in great need and depend on GOD to provide everything for me. Thanks.