2 DEC 2014 :: Social Media, the Internet, and Online Sales

Been trying to go through my Facebook page/s... looking for important news and events.  Seems to be the same thing every day... not really worth a lot of attention.   I still haven't figured out a way to log in and check the pages I want to know about.

I went to Etsy earlier. It is becoming my first stop because I enter a daily Bible verse, check on my shop's needs, and browse the forums for information I might want to know.  I shared with someone that I am trying to decide what teams are about in the online (Etsy) environment.  Connecting and accomplishing and growing in the Internet world is not the same as the real world.  I think it needs to be an option, not the whole focus... but that isn't always possible, and the world is being taken over by the computer and its forms of communication.

I have pages on fiverr.com as well... and they have forums, too.  A lot of marketing goes on in the forum pages because it has your avatar and a link to your page/s.  Etsy is the same.

There are over 10,000 teams, and I think there are millions of shops and buyers... or maybe there are millions of listings.  I can't remember right now. It's all big numbers.  Finding your customers is not a simple task.

Every website is protective of their place in the online economy.  I am becoming aware of a need to build a separate presence for all the sites I sell on... BUT, they can all meet at my personal/business website somehow.  Working out all the details of that connection is the challenge for me... as one person, too poor to do what I need to do, I have to keep waiting, look for alternatives, find ways that will work in my situation, and pray a lot.

The online community has its own forms of prejudice and bias and manipulation and crime.  It is just a larger community, global, and without regulation.  That is why the international government will be a necessity soon... and the Antichrist will be right behind it.

Everything is a tool for good or evil.  I choose to follow good, follow GOD, and follow my dreams within those limitations.