5 JAN 2015 :: A New Year - Catching up with the effects of a sudden illness...

It has been such a long time since I entered a blog post!

I became very ill on the day I was going to resume, and couldn't get to the process again for that week. I am going to have to change my commitment to only those days I am able to write... but, I have also decided to make this blog more active as it needs to be, including more than one entry at times. 

We'll see how it goes. I want to enter prayers and concerns, talk about political issues, explore solutions to our many problems as a nation and a world and the Body of Christ.  I am hoping to enter posts as they come up in my day, and events of my life, and affect the walk we have to make through the End Times.

I am not well yet, and am fighting to do what I can at this time. Normally, I barely take aspirins for headaches... and usually take vitamins every day (when I can afford them)...  NOW I am taking heart medicine and baby aspirin and potassium, as well as an antibiotic for the condition that pushed me into the local ER.   I am beginning to explore how much I want to get into this pharmacy merry-go-round. 

It is something to consider that our Healthcare Mandate doesn't include basic services like eyeglasses. I am wondering if it includes hearing aids for those who need them.  And, dental care is only basic services like extractions from what I have read.  --- My teeth have disintegrated without regular care, and poverty doesn't allow basic dental care.  Neither does it allow new glasses without great struggle.

I can't even remember the last time I got glasses (the ones I am now wearing), but I did try to get an exam to replace them. The examination wasn't as complete as it was suppose to be, as I remembered my past eye exams, so I didn't want to spend more money on bad glasses.  Now I am trying to find a way to new glasses with the small Social Security Retirement Benefits (approximately $375/month) I will begin receiving at the end of February.

I guess this sharing is to show you that mandated healthcare does not provide everything we need, so does it provide what the proponents really wanted it to?  I am heading into senior issues... I think they are very expensive if I don't just live without a lot of medical intervention and then drop dead without a need for emergency care.  I have already heard one TV comment about Alzheimer's patients and whether or not they have a quality of life worth supporting.  We know where this discussion is going.

I keep wondering who is going to decide who lives and who doesn't.  Some people think it is tragic to have conditions like Down's Syndrome or Autism. What will it mean if you have addictions, or are ADHD, or wind up in prison too many times?  Trying to decide who is valuable to society is something rich people often decide... poor people, good people, people of faith, usually let GOD decide who is worthy of life and who dies (and when).  We never know how the end of one's life will change all the "cost burdens" of the first part of a life.  If I won the big lottery, I would be a different asset to the world than I am in my poverty.

January is Sanctity of Life Month, because of the abortion decision in Roe v Wade.

We think that no one would ever do that - decide that people have to die to save the government, the country, money for others, but the slide down this slope has already begun... and it won't end because that is where the Antichrist leads. We need to find ways to slow it down if we can, or find ways to protect ourselves from the ravages it will bring.  Christians are a target, THE target.     I will try to get better with getting links to support the things I discover.

Find the pro-life events in your area and attend them. Donate to their regular funds for administration and programs, their PACs, and their benevolence efforts.

You can start at http://www.nrlc.org - The National Right to Life website.