7 JAN 2015 :: Moving Forward

Getting back into the process of goals is a challenge when you don't feel well, but my lists are getting checked off, a little at a time.

Today was a day to get some supplies... not as many as I would have liked, but as many as I could. One of the challenges of poverty is budgeting the little you have to achieve the dreams you have.

I have already used my limited gift funds to purchase tickets for public transportation. I can't walk like I use to, and often don't have the health to travel. Without tickets or money, I'm not able to go anywhere.

I also decided to continue my goal notebook with notebook paper to save on printer ink. I purchased another packet of paper and will be deciding whether I want to continue in that directions.  I want to create a process for inmates to keep track of their goals, so notebook paper would be a better option for them.

I found a planning calendar at a dollar store. It will work with my goals notebook and be a new effort to keep track of the year.

Today, I added to my supplies. 
  • My shop goal for etsy.com/shop/work2gather is a $5/month budget. This will allow me to create 25 new sales listings at my shop for the month of January. I'm not sure how I will accomplish this goal, but I am heading in that direction.
  • Computers are essential in our day. I have limited equipment and struggle to create within the boundaries they cause.  Keeping supplied with printer ink is a challenge.  My Christmas funds allowed me to get some ink for my printer, both black and colors.
  • I am slowly working out the shipping process for online sales. Today I was able to purchase some envelopes for mailing purchased items... not too many, but a start.
  • Creating jewelry and other items with beads is part of my creative goals. I didn't find all that I want to get, but I was able to get some supplies for a special recycled jewelry project I am working on.  I also found a couple beading needles I want for special projects, but have to find a better place to get my supplies in the future.
  • For my art efforts, I was able to buy a large matboard to photograph my art and designs with for my listings.  I have been collecting a variety of sizes for different projects.
The activity of doing errands and shopping for supplies was too much for me so I rested for quite awhile after I returned home. Now I am trying to finish my daily list of things to get done. I'm not sure I will make it by midnight, but maybe.  :-)  I guess it is better to have a deadline, but I need a better way to do this.  I'm working on that process, too!

Goals are very hard to accomplish when there are boundaries and limitations to what you can achieve... whether they are financial, physical, moral, educational, or other areas of life. I don't know that "success" is achievement at any cost, and each person has a different idea of what "success" is. I hope my efforts this time will be blessed by GOD and provide the things I need to live and work and continue until it is my time to leave this earth.

Tomorrow I will begin working on that special recycling project. If it turns out well, I will list it at my shop.  Then continue with other creative efforts I want to list for sale.  I have 25 items to get done by the end of the month...