8 JAN 2015 :: Wealth in the Kingdom of GOD

I have the computer on, and feel a bit decent, so I will enter today's post. Not much has changed since about 11:30 pm last night, but we continue on doing the best we can (myself, mostly).

I entered a Bible verse at the Etsy ChitChat thread I started in the forums awhile back. This morning I was in Matthew 5:11-12 KJV.  In my commentary I referred to the blessings and rewards we hear so much about as Christians.  --  Those of us who don't get a lot of material blessings in our lives sometimes think that it is something we have done.  I mentioned that I think our provisions in this world are directly linked to the place we have in GOD's Kingdom... in the plans He has for our individual lives.  If we don't have a task to do in the larger world that requires great wealth, then we don't need it...and won't get it.  We may get blessings in other areas of our lives...and not realize that we have them.

One time when I was reading in Job, I discovered that Job was taking care of ALL the widows and fatherless in his community... that was quite a moment for me.  I thought it was probably one of the reasons he was so blessed. I have never really seen or heard any references to this in all the sermons I have heard about Job. 

As a long-time poor person, single parent to three, and government dependent, I have had encounters with the organized church because of my poverty and need. The ongoing hardships of being a child without a father, a mother without a mate, are repetitive.  The organized church likes to help, but only in temporary chunks... no matter what the problems is. Statistics and fundraising are a problem in the church as much as they are in the world.  It sounds better to help 12 different people or families than it does to help one person or family 12 times.   :-(

It has been one of my arguments with the Pro-Life movement that a child isn't saved just once, in the womb. A child needs to become a permanent part of our future efforts... throughout its entire life. The same burdens that make a woman fear the birth of a child also continue throughout its life, and the lack of a permanent connection can cause more problems down the line...after the local pro-life office has forgotten someone. 

Now we need to create permanent resource links for our own...for the saved...the Christian in our community who may or may not be a part of our particular church.  As the End Times continue, and get worse, the needs will increase.  There are no resources being set up to meet the needs of Body of Christ before the Antichrist is revealed.  Jobs, Houses, Food, Transportation, and a zillion small things we don't realize we need until they aren't there.  Who will stand in the gap for us as we become the persecuted, the ones without food, shelter, clothes, cars, computers, money... Christians have given to their churches and their communities since they have existed. Who will give to them in their need?

I formed Working Together to try to meet some of these challenges, but every community will have to be the first step to the people that belong to them.  Working Together was meant to be a last step, using membership and CORD listings to keep track of the process.  I'm not sure how much I can get done before I leave this world, but the needs will continue long past me... I hope.

Right now I am trying to update my website for 2015. I want to make a printable form that you can send in, and need to add the new PAYPAL link for online payments.  I hope you will join WT... it will help me to create the resource links we all will need as times change.

Maybe I better get that done this weekend.  Pray I feel well enough to do that.  Thanks.