23 FEB 2015 :: WT Review

Here it is another week...a lost Monday.  I need to figure out what to do with these ill days... and how to manage the tasks I want to get done.  Anyone have suggestions?  :-)

Working Together (WT) is not much different today than it was last Monday. I have been collecting the current information on the accounts I have for personal activities, and accounts I have for WT activities... trying to organize them, revise some, add to others, and figure out what to do with them.

Below you will find some of the links I posted at Friday's Crafts Explored blog.  Facebook pages are a challenge for me.  I am learning more about the site and groups there. I'm not sure which ones will be the most active... and a lot depends on whether GOD provides for employees. 

At Etsy I am learning some of the networking games (BNR, PNR, Treasury and shop promoting, etc.) and still trying to find the Christian selling populations.  I continue to develop personal crafts to sell for personal income needs.  I am getting better at my "studio hours" commitment, and the daily schedule I am developing to be able to accomplish things. I have discovered some Etsy groups at FB and am learning to use hash-tags with my posts at Twitter.  At Etsy Chit Chat in the forums I post Bible verses and inspirations on a thread I started for the Christian Community. I do this as often as possible, trying for a Mon-Thu commitment. I also have started entering a post at a CIC team thread called "I Am Thankful Today For...."  It is a challenge to recognize all the things we take for granted.  The Crafts blog mentioned above is part of my Etsy efforts.  I haven't yet decided whether to start an Etsy shop for WT.

Fiverr is a challenge to find the right items to sell.  I have a tip gig now.  I posted it for a "crowd-funding" effort, but seems to be a lifeless endeavor.  I market fiverr as I market my other sales efforts, but less frequently... I am searching for the right solutions for fiverr.  I made accounts for myself and WT at fiverr, but have let the WT account be dormant until I work out the other issues I am struggling with on behalf of WT.

I checked on my eBay accounts, another site I made accounts for both personal efforts and WT sales.  I am going over the pages and working on the updates. Also looking for things to list that would be eBay material.

Amazon.com and Amazon payments (Kickstarter requirement, I think it was) are still being developed. Not completely finished.  I wanted to sell books at Amazon, mine and others.

If my health gets better, the future may be better than the past. GOD is a constant prayer connection for all the issues I am dealing with, including health and finances, and I am still waiting for His interventions.  You can pray with me, if you would.  I keep reminding myself that WT belongs to GOD, and my only responsibility is to do my part.  I try to focus on that and pray that He will help me start the process.

All of these efforts are helping me find a path to sell WT products... soon, I hope.

20 FEB 2015 ::
Welcome to my relatively new blog just for craft issues and topics. Here are some of the webpages that are connected to me as well ::

Working Together Inc. ::
This blog may someday become part of the WT program for creating income and creating your own necessities.

Other sites I am working on for PERSONAL income ::
These are my growing sales venues ::

Here's some of the social media accounts I am developing ::
and a Facebook page associated with my Etsy shop ::
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