19 MAR 2015 :: Changing

It seems that the days are harder after I shop, so I want to get this posted to keep up with my goal.  I think I will have to go back to a less planned structure for awhile...I am needing to share things as they happen. I have decided a personal blog might help... so I am praying about it and trying to find a name to try out.  As long as Working Together is just me, I suppose the WT blog would do, but I am considering a better permanent option for the rest of my personal life. This is all in flux, being developed as I try new things.

I missed the prison issues day (Wednesday), and today is political issues day... they seem pretty connected to me.  I will share more about the internet sales idea I am trying to "push" forward....

I have one son that is back in prison for his same related issues, and I have been suggesting that he try to create ACEOs or other art that he can post after he is out.  My other son produced some good artworks when he was in prison the last time.  Both of them think I should be able to post and sell their artworks for them. They think that is what I meant by an "eBay for inmates."  It's not.

There are so many restrictions associated with inmates and with their finances, the government is the only one that can really establish an online sales option for inmates all over the US.  Maybe other countries will create their own once it is proven to be a successful effort.

I am not a criminal, so I don't think like a criminal.  I wouldn't know all the sneaky things that inmates do to survive their situations.  I would think that the prison systems would be aware of the ways inmates try to do things they shouldn't... and they could help prevent any associated illegal activities inmates might try to create.

There is the issue of shipping. I haven't seen too much flexibility with the prison mail systems, so I think it would be best if they were in charge of the shipping process for purchased items.

And photos of the products that will be listed; and the creation of the actual listings; and fees, and fines, and income; and customer inquiries that only the inmate can respond to.  These are better handled within the prison system.

The benefit of the inmate going through these issues within the prison system is that they will be aware of what is required for online selling of their work.  It becomes an income option they can continue after release.  The parole and probation departments can act as a the bridge between the prison sales program and  establishing their own internet shop. 

Recidivism records are kept for three years after release, as far as I know.  Retaining the prison account for that long allows it to continue being a resource for the inmate, and allows the corrections departments to have positive contacts with released inmates.  It lets the many details associated with establishing an online sales business be absorbed slowly, as their time and money become more organized and find a permanent schedule.

Even so... once they are released, having help through re-entry programs would be great...and offer a reason to keep up contacts with people who care about their success.  If the re-entry programs are not willing or not able to do this, I would like to see one established wherever our Respite Centers are located.

That's about all I can do for today.  I'll write again as I find the need, or within my regular schedule... not sure yet.  :-)

Since my health and schedule are so difficult to control, I may start blogging as topics come up and consider my goal complete after five entries.  If this happens, you will know what I am doing, right?  :-)   I hope so.