2 MAR 2015 :: WT Review :: Looking backward and forward.

After such a long weekend (for me), getting this blog post done as soon as I can is a necessity.  I am tempted to lie down and possibly go to sleep, for a bit or for the whole night!  :-)  I have been trying to catch up with a long list of things left undone in my ill times.

Concerning Working Together (WT), it seems that GOD is still developing it, or something unseen is going on, or it isn't the right time yet.  For me, it's like Noah building the Ark for a hundred years, Moses finding his way for 80 years before GOD talked to him, like Jeremiah in the prison pit because the people didn't want to hear his message, or like Job suffering at the hands of Satan for an unknown number of years.  Anyway, that's what it feels like!   :-)   I'm not sure the end is in sight, but I keep praying and watching for a way to pass through the trials I face for as long as I am alive.

Working Together's main connection with the greater Church is through the website I started for it.  (work2gather.us)  My Yahoo billing goes back to 2006, so that is probably when I upgraded to a regular website from Yahoo's Geocities platform.  Learning how to make websites was a great experience. I hope to learn more about HTML and how things function through websites. As I learn, I change things on my pages... keep watching, and make suggestions.

The website has been in need of a lot of attention for some time.  I haven't been able to do what I need to do for more than a year.  As I struggled to find the start-up money a business requires, I finally decided GOD would have to provide for WT in His own way and time. I do as much as possible with the limited resources I have, and continue to search for answers to the problems we will face as Christians. 

My constant battle between personal needs and business needs has helped me see the struggle our families, churches, ministries, organizations, and businesses will face.  The one temple in Jerusalem was GOD's resource center for the Jews.  We don't have that option... unless we can find a way to connect and provide using the internet.  That, too, will be taken over by the Antichrist, so everything we do will be temporary, just until GOD calls us home.

After discovering Etsy as an income opportunity for my creative talents, and applying for Early Retirement benefits through Social Security (only $381/month), I am a little more hopeful about my dire financial situation. I have been surviving on a small amount of food stamps and Christmas gifts for more than a year...Social Security payments seem like winning the lottery.

Since January, I have been contemplating my sales issues and creating a plan.  Last weekend I decided on some solutions, and today I started to create those planned sale listings at my Etsy shop and my fiverr account, posting to Facebook as a marketing activity.  I have discovered Group pages at Facebook that are associated with Etsy sellers, and I am looking for more networking opportunities in social media and elsewhere. 

I am still trying to decide what to sell at my eBay accounts.  After I figure it out, I want to expand my reach, my knowledge, and my sales.

Somewhere in the middle of this busy schedule, I must find time to reach the larger church.  Maybe you can help me sell memberships and CORD listings to build the foundations of Working Together.