for 9 MAR 2015 :: WT Review --- A little late, but things happen...

I woke up this morning to my paperwork routine and discovered I forgot to enter a post for yesterday.  I went shopping for supplies and had to find somewhere to send a FAX to PayPal so I could use my account.  I will be talking about that experience one of these days... maybe on politics day.  :-(  (re: government regulations)  By the time I got back, I had to do my other things and wound up going to bed right after them.  I am so sorry to have forgotten you... I hope you don't mind my lapse too much.  :-)

One good thing that is developing is the large number of sales options I am coming up with.  It is a challenge for me.  Photos are the next hurdle.  Going through the development process, reviewing my goals, getting things organized... it all takes time, but it bears fruit in the end.  My ultimate goal in not wasting my time.

I am also discovering where I naturally go to do the different things I want to accomplish.  Like Facebook.  I am beginning to discover ways to cut my time, getting inspired with some of the groups I have joined, finding out about some better connection options within the website that will help me achieve my goals...  It all becomes a better path as you learn these opportunities and decide if they can help you achieve your own goals.

I am gathering my goals into a daily notebook and sorting all the separate goals into other notebooks.  This is something I hope will work for me.  It is too difficult to go from file to file on a computer. I am trying to print the important pages I need as reference materials and then keeping notes on them as I go through my goal quests.  Finding important emails when you need them is really a big problem. Printing them out makes the whole process better.

I will be creating new listings at Etsy and as soon as I can.  I have some photos ready to use, so I will do those listings first.  After that I have to figure out photos for the ones that are really new to this process.

I will be creating my PayPal links and putting them out for the public to view and utilize.  I discovered there is a way to add PayPal purchase links to Facebook and emails.  I will be trying those out.  And have to get my sales links back up on the website.  Lots of rearranging needs to be done there.  I hope to have this all done by the weekend.  HOPE... remember that.  I will do my best.  It all depends on my health and my money and my time.

I have to decide what to do about my PO Box again.  It is a desperate situation.  I'm not sure what GOD is doing because all my efforts come back as silence.  I am trying to get my driver's license again.  When I was homeless in my wonderful van, I got tickets for driving without insurance and expired tags.  I didn't have money to pay the fines, or whatever else was required, so I have been without the option since then.  It cause problems that devastated my life... but there wasn't anything I could do about it, and then I had NO INCOME and even less options.  Now I have a small income through Social Security Retirement payments so I am going to try to drive again.  I may be able to move back to the place I need to be, or at least drive there and pick up my mail.  :-)   PRAY that GOD will bless my efforts, or show me a better solution.  Thanks.