14 APR 2015 :: A long day

Frontline's program on Alfred Hitchcock's holocaust films is on in the background... I look at it sometimes, but can't really stand it.  I want to turn the TV off...it is such a reminder of what men become without GOD, what they will become again...possibly worse.

Just before this, there was a program on adults with autism... how they need help to live beyond the care of their parents, with financial help from the government.  It shared that new methods of care are being developed that see those in need as individuals and apply the funds available to services that will matter to each individual.  Less focus is put on institutional care and sterile group homes, more emphasis on family connections. 

Before that, the show I am trying to remember to watch, is Twice Born, a program about babies who receive surgery while still in the womb.  This one makes me cry often, much like the network program called "In An Instant," which shares life threatening events that people survive.

I tend to watch more programs on PBS than on network TV, but news on both.  They aren't bias free, but they are also better in content than a network drama, which always digresses into smut. I hate all the Viagra commercials, which seem to start earlier and earlier, on regular television...and similar commercials.  It takes 2-3 times the actual movie length to watch one with commercials.  Sometimes I can't last trough it all and have to turn it off...sometimes I don't want to turn it back on again.

I was gone a lot of the day today because I was scheduled to attend a housing class with a local non-profit that was created to help with housing issues.  It was quite a day.  Since I had to use my bus tickets to purchase a $5 day pass, I tried to get more done...but my health limited me.  I do want to say I finally treated myself to a value meal at McDonald's...and it was great.  :-)

I am too tired to comment much more. I tend to get over emotional at night and don't like to write too much later in the evenings. My brain is on overload about a lot of topics, I need to get them sorted and written about in the days to come.

Keep your eyes on heaven, and your motives right, and your actions worthy of GOD......we need to keep our lives focused on what is good and godly and kind and merciful and loving and worthy....