21 APR 2015 :: In the passage of time...

I am watching a program on PBS about "Champion Trees" -- the oldest trees of each kind. There was one tree ring they had in a display somewhere that went back to the time our country was founded. It was a HUGE tree with lots of rings.  I need to mention that they referred to Arkansas a lot, so it may be that the program was about all the Champion Trees in Arkansas.  I am sorry, I didn't catch that detail.

It's over now.  One of the speakers in the program was an artist.  She had decided to create drawings of many of the Champion Trees. When others in the program were talking about her unique focus on the trees, I thought about each person's purpose in life. I believe GOD puts a cause in each heart, and when we don't find our way to that cause...well, sometimes I think GOD finds another person to do our task, other times I feel the task may be left undone.

Abortion is related to this issue.  All the children that were killed left empty spaces in our development as a nation, as a world.  We will never know the depth of loss we experience because of their deaths, but one thought to consider is our Social Security program.  I believe the funds projected to pay for the program were based on pre-abortion population growth.  Without their labor, and deposits to the program funds, we haven't been able to collect enough money.  We have a continual struggle to overcome the financial needs of the planned program.

The Bible tells us that GOD creates life in the womb.  We can only wonder what blessings we have lost because of our choice to promote abortion rather than life.

Another statement that caught my attention was from the man that placed markers about the Champion Trees in rocks.  He said the older a rock was, the softer it was to cut.  I never heard that before.  I always thought rocks were rocks...but now it seems the degrade just like everything else in our world... not by erosion, but by aging.  That has a lot of implications to me... in the creation and destruction of the universe.  It is a new bit of information for me, I will have to consider it for awhile.  Imagine how that changes our scientific views about rocks... at least, for me it does.  :-)

For several weeks, I have been debating within myself about how much to share about my opinions in my blogging.  I am deeply affected by many things in our lives, including the news.  I have wanted to cry because of the repeated showings of the 25-year-old man who died in police custody because of mistreatment.  I can't imagine how his mother must feel having to see that over and over again.  I have two that have gotten into problems with the law.  I worry about them every day...and continually pray for their safety and future.

I have noticed that most of the reports have been about Black men.  It is a recurring issue in America, but I know that there are abuses to all races, and lots of problems in our justice systems.  I hope these events will lead to positive, and permanent, changes.  Cameras are changing things... but criminals seem to find new ways to achieve their goals as one method is disrupted. :-(    I hate to see "movements" fed by the misery of one group when the issue is affecting all kinds of people. 

We depend on our police forces for our safety.  There is a movement to take guns out of our hands, which makes decent people potential victims, unable to protect themselves.  As morals decrease, the values of our entire society will be more affected... including both police and criminals.  I don't know what that will mean in America, but it isn't good in other countries.  Victims in other countries use to try to come to America for safety and freedom.  I'm not sure how much longer that will continue if America continues to lose what made it great.

The violence I see on TV and in movies contributes to the idea of committing violence in real life.  It is harder and harder for me to watch any of the police shows because they are getting way too "real" for me.  I have the thought that when a show starts out it is fresh, decent, kind, interesting...but the content gets worse and worse as they run out of community and family topics...  I have also had the thought that the content of our programs reflect the morals of the ones producing, writing, and editing them...which tells us ...what?

60 Minutes had a segment on Syria about the death of innocent citizens by SARIN, biological warfare I think it is called.  In minutes, just breathing led to the deaths of men, women, children, whole families.  I assumed they were testing it out for a larger use.  I hope it won't be America.

We don't live in a world that loves GOD and tries to be better every day.  We live in a world with a lot of people who want money, power, and control... and they don't always care how they get it.  The Antichrist will be one of those people... pretending to want peace, but really just trying to get into a position of power.

My small world is here, in a bedroom in a house in America, with little money, lots of prayers, and trying to do what I can each day.  I would like to do more, but it seems to be an impossible task.  I decided long ago that I would just have to keep trying...keep going...keep doing what I could within my limitations...it was all I could be expected to do.  If GOD wants me to do more, He will just have to provide for it.

I haven't quite decided what He has provided for...  what do you think?