22 APR 2015 :: Sale Day Treasures

I was able to go to my favorite sale today... the Salvation Army 50% off Sale Day... Wednesdays to me.   :-)   I found some great deals today.  I need clothes badly, so I have been trying to look for and buy what I can when I go there. 

Today I splurged on about $10 in clothes (my sale price) for two pair of pants (one jeans, one knee-high pants for summer), a top, and badly needed PJ bottoms.  :-)  I normally sleep in shorts or pants, so this will be very nice for me.  Even second-hand clothes are a major expense for me. 

I also make the rounds of the other store sections, except furniture -- I can't carry furniture.  I did see a great table for only $15... I would have bought it if I could.  :-)

I was delighted to find a second cup like the one I found another time... big, oven and microwave useable, white, great looking, the right size for soup and for leftovers.  :-)  My idea of great - one person size.  Now I have two... I can alternate them!   :-)

I found two VHS tapes I plan to watch later and tomorrow...Singing in the Rain and Harvey (the old movie about the invisible rabbit  :-)  I might have bought more, but I limit myself to $1 for my VHS and book choices, though I did go over my limit today... I found two amazing old cookbooks for whole grains and good foods. I also found a nice book with "1911" collected statements... that should be fun to browse through.  I will share some of them in my blogs as I discover them.  The final book I chose was a decent copy of Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest... I need to read those entries again.

My really special find was two magnet things that look like dish hooks... I guess they would be the travel version, if that's what they are...maybe for picnics or camping (if you have a great metal cooler).

Kitchen gadgets can be my downfall, and I was very good today... only found one small pan for my baking goals, and a soup spoon.  I don't know if it is a Bundt pan, but I will use it like one... it may be one of those old jello molds. It's aluminum, so it will work for my planned Banana Bread use.
..maybe a mini version of Monkey Bread or the One-Egg Cake I am trying to recapture a great recipe for.  :-)   I really love to find weird things I have never seen before, and then try to figure out what they are for...and how to use them!

I didn't even realize it was Earth Day until I heard it on the news a few minutes ago... I am so sad about that. I had it marked on my goal sheet --  I want to create special products just for Earth Day sales.  My mind was focused on my budget and my Sale Day treasures, and my big need for clothes.  I hope I can do better next year.  I did buy my bus tickets today, and shopped second-hand... do those count?  :-)

It takes a lot out of my day and my body to go shopping, so I am writing this now to make sure I get it done.  I am still sorting through my room changes, and looking forward to working at my new craft spaces... really looking forward to that.  :-)  It feels like a small piece of progress for me, even though there are still more things to get done.

As soon as I get some photos done, I will share my progress here and in my other blogs.

Enjoy your evening, find your meaning in life, move toward it, and do what you can to help others.

In Christ,