28 APR 2015 :: Short notes on the day

I am sorry... I ate some popcorn a bit ago and I am not feeling well all of a sudden.  I am trying to enter a post and get to bed as soon as I can.

Today was one of my bus and errand days... I went to the Farmer's Market to use up the last of my FS tokens for the market...and was able to get some great foods to help me through the next several days until my food stamps come in.

Also went to the nearby SCRAP store to see what they have right now.  I picked up some items on my lists, and also found some great deals I didn't plan on... and went over my budget.  It is amazing how much money you can spend on treasures that were used already, especially things some would consider trash.

I forced myself out to get sale items at Safeway so I was able to eat salad again.  it was great.  Really great.  I loved it.   :-) 

Tomorrow, or the next day, I will use the Italian sausage I got to make spaghetti.  Will use the two new kinds of mushrooms I purchased and see how I like them.  I have to find out how they are used, if I have to cook them or if they can be eaten raw.  (I tried to share a small piece with the transit center pigeons, but they don't like mushrooms.   :-)  

Right now, I have to get going. Will write more tomorrow, I hope.... lots of things on my lists for the next few days, not sure what I will be able to get done.