11 MAY 2015 :: Obama and sin

I heard a quote from President Obama this morning, on the local radio version of Jay Sekulow's weekday program (aclj.org).  The quotes I heard were about Obama asking GOD to bless Planned Parenthood and when he stated that if one of his daughters made a "mistake" he wouldn't want them "punished" with a baby. 

I was pretty much livid.  I wanted to sit down at the computer and write this post then, but I decided to wait.  I find my anger hasn't gone away.  Just sharing it now brings up all that emotion again.

How could he make either statement and claim he is a Christian!?  I have never understood this view, even though I know there are others like him.  :-( 

If GOD says "Thou shalt not kill," I would think that would include abortion...especially when the Bible says that life is in the hands of GOD and starts in the womb. There are countless reasons why someone might become pregnant, and they can't all be seen in the first moments when it is discovered.  When you kill an unborn child, you are affecting all of the lives that child would have come in contact with throughout their life...including yours.

The topic of human killing also brings up the subject of war deaths.  The life of King David and his sin with Bathsheba combines both issues.  In studying the Bible myself, I believe GOD's view about war is demonstrated in the different ways GOD acts toward David's actions.  He was a warrior that killed many, many people in wars, but GOD didn't punish him (or anyone else) for (honorable) wartime killing.  When David decided to kill Bathsheba's husband when he couldn't hide the sexual activity that led to her pregnancy, it eventually led to a severe punishment by GOD...and affected the lives of many others. 

I have wondered many times how that judgment might have been different if David had confessed earlier, on his own, and repented of what he had done.  But David didn't confess or repent.  He thought his sin was hidden, that life would continue without a response from GOD, and then the prophet confronted him. 

In GOD's view, the punishment was equal to his sin...violence would never leave his house.  In addition to that consequence, the child conceived in their sin died (by GOD's Hand). We have no way of knowing why GOD chose to make Bathsheba pregnant with their only encounter, but He did.  I imagine it was part of how GOD deals with all sins, bringing it to the light of day when we would like to pretend otherwise.

President Obama should know this.  His daughters will never be able to hide their "mistakes" any more than others can.  GOD will always bring it out in the open, somehow, in their futures.  Killing a child doesn't erase our sexual sin, it only compounds it...creates a worse sin.  It doesn't matter what you do, pregnancy has a consequence.  There are better choices than killing the innocent life that is growing in your womb.