27 MAY 2015 :: Just a note today.

Not much to write just now... but I am continuing my effort to enter some kind of post...

It's hard to know what to write about.  I am still finding the path to writing in the moment and writing planned researched articles.  Right now I am still writing about the things that happen in my days, the issues that affect me and the goals I have, the news I come in contact with, and things that will affect the Body of Christ... which is why I started Working Together.

I made copies of an INC Magazine article to share with people close to me... and mailed more of them out today.  It was about "...Exceptional People" -- 10 things about exceptional people, I think it was.  I was impressed, inspired myself.

I am sorry... I went to check on the web location and it was actually an ENTREPRENEUR article.  The link is below... and the title is 'The 10 Qualities of Exceptional People" by Sherrie Campbell.  It is noted that it should only take about eight (8) minutes to read.


I currently subscribe to INC, and I have subscribed to FAST COMPANY  and  ENTREPRENEUR in the past... I really like magazines.  I have subscribed to many other magazines over my lifetime, but can't remember them all.

While I was on the internet this weekend, I found an advertisement about entering the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes -- so I decided to enter.  (Another hopeful effort to gather money for WT's many programs.)  To enter, I had to register...so they could try to send me more email offers... which I declined.  I just wanted to enter the sweepstakes.  Now I have ANOTHER website I am attached to and have to get unlinked from.

It turned out to be a really LONG and confusing commercial endeavor...I thought about quitting the effort several times but didn't know if I could... or what would happen if I just closed the browser window.  It kept going on and on and on and on. 

The reason I am sharing all this is to say that the final zillion pages I went through on the way to entering the actual sweepstakes were magazine offers.  It was really hard for me to go past them, but I just cannot afford them right now.  IF I WIN, however, I will be sure to go back and order all the ones I wanted.  :-)

I don't think print magazines and newspapers are dead... there are people who prefer them... I am one of those people.  I think the pricing needs are going to be the issue.   Smaller production numbers, more options for individual lives and needs. 

Recently, I was writing to Habitat for Humanity about my love of their organizational magazine, which I haven't received for a long time.  I shared my view that home printers do not create the wonderful photos  and magazines and newspapers that professionally produced products do.  I might add here that color printing is very costly on a home computer. 

A long time ago I wrote to my state pro-life organization, Oregon Right to Life (ortl.org), about the inability to share their newsletter when it is only available online.  They had stopped mailing the printed version, which I couldn't even afford at $5/year.  Email might be great, Facebook helps, Twitter gets you to a webpage, but print reaches a whole different audience and has other viewers.  I think it needs to remain an option for those who understand its importance.

Now that I have income again, I will have to budget that in.

Printing is a big issue in the internet information process.  It may save money for some people, but it doesn't share well.

  • Everything should automatically go to print preview so I can decide how many pages I want it to be saved or printed as...

  • OR    be available as a PDF so it can be saved and individual pages can be printed as needed... 

  • AND     some things need to stay professionally produced to keep their impact.

I hope to create WT materials that will reach people who don't have computers.