16 JUNE 2015 :: Housing dreams with a subsidized life. :-(

Another day at my housing class.  :-)     I didn't finish ALL of the homework tasks I planned to get done, but enough for now.  I have 3 more classes until it is finished.  I don't get the actual Certificate, though, until I complete the class requirements, which is what I have been working on. 

Dealing with hard issues like evictions, lack of money, limited choices, and health issues can make the search for decent housing seem futile.  After these things continue beyond your desires for life, I think it turns some people back to drugs and alcohol, maybe even into crimes they wouldn't do otherwise.  It is a very difficult thing to be homeless, being homeless more than once is a major burden.  One of the reasons people turn to drugs and alcohol is to self-medicate.  People with addictions use their "drug of choice" to cope with problems they are facing.  Homelessness is a very complicated issue...and recovery takes time.  This is one reason I advocate for ownership programs for those who seem unworthy when you look through a bank application.

I was going through my class materials tonight... page-by-page... to make sure I get everything I need for the class Certificate.  My "to do" list is moderately long, but not too difficult.  It's like job hunting for a house to live in.  I have to figure out who to ask for personal references about my housing character.

Finding personal references is always a challenge for me.  For a variety of reasons (lack of income, health, work, etc.), I haven't been able to socialize much for many years.  I'm looking over my life and thinking who I should search for and try to remind them they know me.

Time goes by so fast...  It is nearly midnight and I haven't made even ONE twitter post for my crowdfunding effort.  I finally rushed off to get four done.  I may take care of my Wednesday quota after I post this.  I need some middle of the night posts (by my time clock) to make sure I try all the different times.  Somewhere across the globe, someone is suppose to be seeing my posts.  :-)  That's what I THINK, anyway.  Who really knows what happens to our posts?

I wish it was easier to survive poverty...that we all can be whatever life requires of us and scratch our way out of the pits we are born in... that we never had to deal with some of the issues that cause poverty... that answers were easy to find... that we came from the best homes, best families, best schools...... but we don't.

I think it was the News Hour on PBS tonight that had a segment on a school somewhere near the Appalachian mountains.  It was highlighting a young girl that was trying to get a college education so she could build a better life than her parents and grandparents.  It reminded me that there are still people in our country that can't read and write, who have drug issues, who do the best they can.  At the end of the segment, we learned the young girl has made it to sophomore level. In the photo they shared it seems she is doing well.

It is a great thing to have a safety net for people who don't have any other options.  As society has grown more cold and distant, more separated by miles and states and oceans, relationships have been lost.  The government has needed to become the "family" that no longer exists.

I hope I can find a way to a better life myself, and help others to reach their dreams.  I don't think being supported by tax subsidies is the best answer, but it is what some of us have to do.

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