24 JUNE 2015 :: Thankfulness posts and myTwitter campaign

Being thankful for the small things that often go unnoticed every day takes a lot of attention.  I discovered a thread at one of the Etsy teams I joined that was a place to share what you are thankful for that day.  After entering one post, I realized it was a great way to change the habit of seeing all the problems we face...so I decided to enter posts either every day or as often as possible.  Later I settled into my Monday through Thursday schedule, but I still post whenever I am inspired to do so.  This week I decided to move my posts to Facebook and speak to a public audience I hope will grow.

You can find my old posts at this link ::

When I started my shop at Etsy, I also discovered the other forums, the public space where sellers and buyers share questions and ideas and general conversations.  I decided to start a Chit Chat thread to share Bible verses and other Christian inspirations.  I haven't decided yet if I will continue this effort at Etsy... I am taking a short break as I check out my Facebook activities and finish my Twitter #crowdfunding campaign.

You can explore this thread at this link ::

Etsy is not a Bible-friendly place, but it is a great place to build a crafts shop...I hope.  I have only sold one small item so far, but that is partly my fault. I started out in a Christmas selling season and wanted to find out everything I could so I would be ready for the next Christmas season, which is this year.  :-)   My deadline is sometime in September, so I need to start moving at a higher speed if I want to get enough listings to be a part of it! 

Right now, my Twitter campaign is winding down and I am posting about once a day there.  As I do this I am considering what I should try next.  I have only used hash-tags this month.  I am thinking I might start developing some kind of strategy with the (at) sign.  I have to explore the idea a bit more, and gather the connection information that matters to my topic.

Social media and marketing are a really big challenge, and require a lot more time than I have, but they are part of the online market so I need to learn all about them.  I do like to see how they work as I develop my plans for the future.  As I say all the time, everything depends on GOD -- how long He will let me live, and how much He provides for my efforts.  :-)

Well, today has been a strange day and I need to get ready for tomorrow.  I hope you have been thinking about supporting my efforts to raise funds with Twitter and Fiverr, and Etsy (if that is what you want to shop).  Here are the links that matter.  Explore them, read what I have been trying to tell you about, and then make a purchase.  Thanks for the time you spend on this. I hope Working Together will one day help you or someone you love.

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Pray for my needs to be filled so that I can create places for Christians to turn to as the End Times continue.  Membership is the foundation... but start-up funds are critical right now. Thanks.