21 JULY 2015 :: News reviews

I haven't watched any news programs today, but I did get involved with Facebook for awhile.  It seems the same news stories are still traveling through all the different organizations...

Planned Parenthood is trying to say they don't have an agenda for harvesting body parts... and it certainly isn't for "profits" - just the glorious needs of "science."  Who/what can we really believe -- their words or their actions?  The subject moved me to make my first comments to the ACLJ (.org) live program on Christian radio that I listen to.  I had to go to their Twitter page to enter any comments (probably a good move on their part... I would have written one LONG comment filled with important questions and comments.  Instead, I made about 5-6 short tweets on the organ harvesting topic and them some more about their website and question links for the program.  :-)   I always have too many comments.
Another big topic, far too big if you ask me, is the uproar about Donald Trump stating an opinion that differed from the masses.  :-)   I had to make at least one comment about that.  It had something to do about the main aspect of free speech being the expression of different viewpoints, without fear of death or mayhem or imprisonment or job loss or becoming the latest media BBQ...etc.  I remember saying something about Trump not committing a crime, just expressing an opinion that disagreed with the high honors and title we have bestowed on John McCain for surviving a POW camp
I suppose the Christian pastor that has been wrongly imprisoned in one of those countries over there will be treated like a war hero, too... he's been imprisoned by the enemy for almost as long.

What else do I remember being in the news and on Facebook....

*  MIRANDA LAMBERT & BLAKE SHELTON                  
I did notice that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are ending their relationship... I could see that was being encouraged by the music show he was on, and noticed the media pics about her and him looking a bit strained.  I think anyone that tries to have a good marriage in "Hollywood" becomes fair game for those who want to hurt them, control them, tempt them away from any morals they may have.  Too many succumb.  It is always a sadness for me.  A healthy relationship with just one person for life is a treasure that needs to be protected at all costs.  I don't think any amount of money, fame, or unknown sexual encounters will ever replace it. 
But LOVE has a price of its own. 
You have to make it the goal of your life,
the priority of your decisions,
the meaning of your success.

I am still reeling from the video about the little puppy that was so abused by unknown people in Los Angeles...  the power of photographs and videos is that you can't stop seeing them in your memory even when you don't want to think of them anymore.  I so hope that this puppy will find a healthy and happy home where it will be deeply loved for the rest of its life.

I also love the elephant posts that go by... so big, so precious, so funny.  I saw one where it had the audio of a family sharing a teaching moment :: learning how to fan their big ears in the heat of the day.  It was really cute.

I like the good animal posts... like the little runt pig that was on the timeline today. Someone put a video on showing that a young person rescued it from being killed just because it was the runt.  They showed it playing and running around the yard and having a great time!  :-)  I think the text/title said something about the pig being like a puppy dog, except for that nose.  It also said that the pig was going to be saved from becoming ham and bacon by living on a sanctuary farm.  I love the idea, but how will we ever know...

 There are good points and bad points of being so connected to the world.  I don't know where it will all lead, but the Bible tells us what Man will become.  I would like to make a sanctuary (in every part of the world) for Christians to survive.  Are we more important than piglets?  Do we love each other enough to sacrifice the "success" of the world?  Can we speak the TRUTH without being maligned?  I don't think so... so we better prepare for the realities ahead.