22 JULY 2015 :: technology vs nature, and more

Well... I checked in to my Facebook page a bit ago and one of the first posts I noticed was a video from a farm group I am part of.  It affected my being because it shows the loss of quality in our children's lives has become the "norm" for all of us.  I was moved to add a comment that became quite long.  I have put it below.
Because this was associated with the farm group, I assumed it would be about farms and families and the future. I watched most of the video without the audio first, and then decided to turn on the audio. I was seriously surprised to hear what it was really about... and very sad. Video games were starting when I had young kid, and now they have taken over so much of the lives of kids and those who grew up with them. I don't know what the kids have nowadays... but I struggled a lot to try to give my kids some of the video games that were popular because they were important to them and because they provided something for them to do in our urban low-income life. Technology has evolved to take over so much of our lives. People are tied to the internet, smart phones, TV in some form, and things I don't even know about... adults and children... and it is normal to us now. I think making the move to rural areas and farms is only part of the solution... time with each other, growing our own food, learning about farm animals, caring for them, and building a life around good things that take a lot of time to accomplish away from technology is part of the hope to save the future. With satellite technology increasing the reach of the internet and phone, there isn't much we can do to change everything. I hope we find a way. We are all too isolated by these forms of "progress." 
I tried to figure out how to find the code that would let you link to it so you could see it, but all I could find was an "embed code" and that didn't work here.  I finally figured out that part of it was the web address.  I tried that as a link and it didn't work.  Finally, I copied it and pasted it into a new page.  That worked.  :-)  I have that link below, so I hope it works for you.



Today was my Salvation Army Thrift Store SALE Day (50% off almost everything in the store).  I am looking for clothes, but didn't find any today.  I spent my clothes money on my biggest purchase of the day :: an old plastic sewing case with a variety of threads and needles and other supplies.  I also found a little plastic case of embroidery floss.  :-)  I see some great designs in the future!!!

I did pretty well on my budget efforts.  I spent more than I should have at the nearby Dollar store, but that was part household, some crafts, and food.  The SA sale was mostly crafts and biz supplies.  I found a little plaque that says "Bless this house" for me.  :-)  Now I have to find a place to hang it.

I did sign up for a local seminar on house flipping.  I have been wanting to find out more about it.  I hope this will be worth the effort and lead to some great homes for as many people as I can include.  The Facebook post said I will get materials to take home and keep studying.  I hope they are good.  It seems like the first house is always the hardest... then you can build up some equity and work toward more. 

My weight loss efforts are getting better.  Keeping the few pounds I have lost OFF forever is a huge hurdle.  My son tells me the first five pounds are all the excess water weight.  I am hoping to just keep this downward trend going until Christmas.  :-)  Having gone down almost ten pounds already makes me think that losing ten pounds a month might not be an unrealistic goal.  YES!!!  That will be so great.

 It's getting to be past my bedtime again.  :-)  Try to watch the video and think about the rest of your life, the lives of your children and grandchildren, the difference between city and country... try to find a way to improve your lives as much as you can.  It will be worth the time, money, and effort you make.