27 JULY 2015 :: A new week! Ready to get going! :-)

Mondays are always a challenge...   :-)    I sometimes think of things to write over the weekends, but am trying to create a schedule and find a way to organize all the things I want to do... always looking for the day I can hire others to take them over for me.   :-)

I was able to go to the downtown Portland (OR) Farmer's Market today and found some good things to eat.  One of them is an unusual cucumber I haven't seen before... this should be interesting.

I also was finally able to go to the SCRAP store in the downtown area.  I found a lot of great resources and would have spent a lot more money if I had it.  :-)    I did gravitate toward the craft book section, the old magazine resources, and some office supplies.  For myself, I decided to buy a little ten cent booklet for kids about the sounds of the forest.

It was a good day, and long enough for my body.

Over the weekend I was able to get to the Walmart store I often go to for supplies I have been trying to get.  I have been trying to wait for the school supply sales to start to get my YEARLY supplies of the things they have then, so there it was...already in the store.  I spent more than I planned, but only bought things I have been planning to buy....well, except maybe one thing I discovered for $1.97 --- a pink pouch thing with a zipper-like design and a handy claw connector to hang it from somewhere.  I wanted to remember the design.

I also found some flash drives to finally start sorting through my files and get them off computers and into a better place for now... more mobile from the two computers I use, one connected to the internet and one that isn't.  I hope it won't take too long.  I wanted to get a variety of color-coded drives to begin saving by topic, but that was just too much to spend.  I will see how these two work out and try to get back later for more if it seems urgent.  These are 2.0 drives and I heard the "new" ones are 3.0 -- and I don't yet know what that means for my files.

Mostly, I decided to get some art paper for acrylic paints because it said the paper keeps the paint from "bleeding" as you create.  I usually just get watercolor paper, but want to experiment more.  These should work out great, I think.  I am looking forward to spending a block of time to paint.

I guess that is enough for today... lots to catch up with on Mondays...   :-) for everyone.