6 JULY 2015 :: Getting healthy

I was just at my Facebook page doing my "Thankful" post for today and I was (indirectly) sharing my focus on getting back to a better weight and learning more about being healthy.  I decided to record my weight every day and see if it helps my motivation to lose weight and eat less.  I know the heat has helped me to drink more water.

This weekend I spent a lot of time at some new websites I discovered (and now get email newsletters from.  :-)   One is heart.org, which is operated by the American Heart Association.  Today I signed up for their free emailed magazine and ordered some printed materials.

I haven't made it to WebMD yet... at least, not for a long search of their resources about my health needs.  I have been to the website via quick links from other places.  I vaguely remember going to check it out many years ago.  Now that I have health issues to research, and medications, I need to get over there.

Weight is a hard issue to deal with.  I have never been this heavy before (until my health issues prevented me from doing my normal activities).  I was almost this heavy once in my life, when I was pregnant with one of my sons.  It is a really difficult thing for me.  I like to be healthy, and active, and busy, and wear smaller clothes...

In my new quest for change, I am trying to find better recipes, better options for exercise, and better ideas about drinking more water. 

I am also thinking about taking my blood pressure myself... somehow.  I was thinking one of the new electronic ways to keep track of your heart rate might be good, too.

Smaller food portions is my main plan... with more fresh fruits and veggies.  My senior status seems to need some veggies to be cooked. And I'm learning ways to serve foods I haven't had before.  I have decided recipes for diabetes and vegans and vegetarians are good ideas.  Making food from scratch is good, too.  It reduces the chemicals and the calories... I think.

I was collecting what I could in my online searches.  Now I have to try out the recipes, read the articles, and see what happens.

I think I will do that tomorrow... I am really tired right now.     See you then.