8 JULY 2015 :: busy day...

I am so tired I can hardly stay up to write this...

I went to my favorite place today, twice!   I didn't mean to go to two Salvation Army Thrift Stores, but that is what happened... I think I ruined my budget again.  I need to figure this out, find a solution, get more income so I don't feel bad about spending small amounts of money for things I can use, and often need.

The heat was unbearable... I thought it was going to kill my poor little body, old body.  Somehow I made it home, took a shower immediately, and then rested.  I remember living in places of high humidity in the summer heat... that is really the definition of unbearable... I will say that I am exaggerating when compared to those places.

I have been writing about all this on Facebook, a few places there... but I do want to share that I found some wonderful things again.  I could have bought more if I had the energy...and money... and these are used items.  I love the search, and I love to find things that matter to me...things that are a treasure to me, I guess I should say.

There is now a stack of picture frames to fix up and fill with my artworks.  I hope to start posting them for sale by next week.  http://work2gather.etsy.com  Make sure you keep checking in.

Well... I need to go for the day.  I haven't seen the news, so I hope the world is still surviving.  I will be in better shape tomorrow...I hope to catch up with several of my blog efforts.  I will let you know what happens.