13 AUG 2015 :: Wow! Finally made some updates to the webpage!

Not too many, but some I have been trying to get to...

  • I discovered my ETSY SHOP WIDGET from craftcult.com stopped working so I tried to replace it, but it still didn't work... I don't know why.  I decided to take the coding off until another time.
  • I wanted to add my other BLOG LINKS to one place and decided the main webpage would be the best place to have them... I hope to improve my blog posts with all of these topics.
  • I changed the small TEXT SIZE in many areas into something more readable.
  • I wasn't able to do that with my revision for my booklet, "What If There Is NO Rapture?"  I am using a magnifying glass more often now... so I empathize with these text issues.  :-)  I hope to find the right size for the whole website.
  • I noted under the CONTACT US section that I am looking for permanent office space, and that email contacts would be best.  (office@work2gather.us)
  • I wanted to do much more.

I hope you will visit the website and check on my blog links.  There is a lot to do as I try to develop them, but I hope that WT will soon be financially able to hire others to do these tasks.

I am still amazed to see my new photo at Etsy and now at my fiverr.com/work2gather site.  I will be adding it to my blogger site, too.  And wherever else a photo is needed.  I still miss my WT cross at all the places the photo shows up.  It was easy to see, and I loved it.

I keep wanting to link my two posting projects, so here are today's entries.  I post the "thankful post" at my Facebook page these days, too.  It is a challenge some days to find the things I am thankful for that day, but if I keep looking, I usually begin to think of something.  Sharing the links will help you discover some of the activities at Etsy that are not in the shops.  :-) 

The thankful post is at one of the Christian teams on Etsy, and the Bible inspiration post is in one of the seller forums.  I will stop talking here, and let my posts end this blog entry.  Enjoy your weekend... I may see you again over the weekend, but not planning on it.  :-)



Thursday, 13 AUG 2015
It sure is strange to see my face looking at me from a webpage, but I will have to get use to it.  I am noticing many other new faces appearing all over Etsy, too.  :-)
Today I am thankful for the food I have to eat.  I am thankful that I am getting ahead of my goals, ever so slowly.  I am thankful that I can hope for a better future.  I am thankful that even in tough times there is an unexplainable comfort in my relationship with GOD, in my faith, in my salvation, in my future.  I am thankful that I am getting better and better and better at what I want to be.  I am thankful for rest, for medicine that helps me get better and see a possibly longer life, and for all the goodness that is around me.  I am glad I am a senior, that I can do different things than I did in the past, that I can still learn, that I can find a new life.  I am thankful for all the days of my life, even the hard ones that taught me so much.  I am thankful I wasn't an abortion.


Thursday, 13 AUG 2015
This is my Friday... and I have been busy with lots of things. It is easy to get away from GOD and His place of leadership in our lives when we become "busy." I know a lot of people struggle with this, but at least we keep trying to get back to where we really need to be. Life is always better when I keep my priorities right.