3 AUG 2015 :: Weekends are always full

So many things happen over the weekends and I want to share their significance in this life, but I forget it all by Monday... I think they call it "information overload!"   :-)  

I was following links to food information sites, to news items, to spiritual issues, to personal activities... and then I designed a new form for tracking my food intake and losing weight and discovered a JPEG function for saving my page... which I tried to upload to Etsy, and it worked!!  I hope this is a good thing... it will help me to get my designs up to the listing process for Etsy... at least the digital ones.  I suppose I will find out all the terrible issues associated with using this function in the days ahead.  :-)

I tried to upload/deposit some money for my son in prison over the weekend.  What a disaster.  While trying to make a  $15 first-time try-it-out deposit, I wound up with four charges and a drained account.  :-(   I was not a happy camper.  I tried to call both businesses about canceling the erroneous charges, but there turned out to be nothing that could be done.  What a lesson in online problems.

Now I have to wait (and PRAY) that my money eventually is returned to my account, but it has destroyed my fragile (poverty) budget.  I am considering all the alternatives as I wait... and trying to prepare for any of them.  I wanted to get the details worked out for a video visit by Christmas.  I don't know what I will do now, but I will try to deal with their system for now.  Their info says they are the third largest in their field... maybe I will check on 1 and 2 as well.

I happened upon a site with meal information focused on vegetarian diets, and some vegan pages.  The infographics were good.  I think I saved and/or printed about ten of them.  I loved the one about nuts in the diet.  I have been trying to figure out how many are in a serving for a long time... and which ones are the best for us.  They have a lot of information on how to survive without meat as your protein, and even how to live without eggs. Some of the ideas are worth knowing whether you eat meat or not!

I am looking for the best foods to focus on for my health and diet needs, the right portion sizes, and ideas for exercise in my situation.  I eat a LOT of popcorn so I searched for some place to find out how many calories it is costing me.  I found a website titled popcorn.org and more info than I really needed, and lots I am glad I read.

I think I have almost depleted my printer's ink supply because of all the copies I made to read and then share.  ( Another budget issue. )  I am a fiend for a lot of different types of information.  Some of it is really worthwhile, the rest you don't know about until you actually read it.

My weekend was filled with more than these things, but they offer a highlight. 

I have to change my routines next week.  I am needing more exercise on the weekends.  I tend to vegetate and get sit-down things done.  It causes my lost pounds from the week to return on Mondays.  We need to do something to prevent that... somehow.  Getting out the door is a problem for me, but I am working on a plan!  :-)

I am waiting on my house-flipping response this week, too. It is easier to look over materials at home, to check further online, to explore more at home.  I hope they send me the materials I was suppose to receive at the class/seminar/product introduction.

Don't forget to check on my new listing at Etsy and see how the form I made became a photo upload, and how it displays.  I am really excited about how it displays.  I will be able to create and attempt to sell a lot more of my planned digital products as I get them formatted.  I am already planning a strategy for getting them listed ASAP (as soon as possible).

Enjoy your evening... I will talk at you tomorrow, GOD willing.