Saturday, 17 OCT 2015 :: Catching up...looking forward... trusting GOD

I am finally getting caught up with this blog... and I am sorry this weekend has been such a rough time for this blog.

Sabbath is officially over.  I did pretty well this weekend.  Trying to stave off the urge to get things done is more of a challenge than we realize.  I still haven't found my "zone" for keeping the Sabbath, but it is getting better.  I tend to watch the PBS craft shows on Saturdays... but they sometimes feel like veiled "work" because I am always looking for good ideas.  Finding things to do is not the problem, finding things that aren't considered work is.

When I sort through my room, and rearrange things to try to find more space or better ways to get things done, I tend to discover lots of notes from the past that need to be reviewed.  Awhile back I did that.  I put a pile of these notes on my desk, but I haven't been able to read them.  Today I decided to start.

I rediscovered some great ideas... some recipes I needed to find... and some information I haven't seen for a long time and need to update.  It made me realize again that I have to find a way to organize these ideas and notes so I can review them more often, and add to them as I collect new materials.  It also helped me to think of some solutions to my space and storage issues (like matching file cabinets to hold up my wooden board desk).  If I can ever get these done, I will have more space for working at the crafts I need to get done to make some money. 

During the week I try to enter a post at one of my Christian teams on Etsy... about what I am thankful for on a given day (usually Monday through Thursdays right now).  Doing this helps me to focus on what is positive in my efforts, not on the things I don't have.  It doesn't solve all the problems in life, but it helps remind me that GOD is aware of these issues...and will help me through them.  I sometimes enter them on the weekends when I visit my shop...this weekend seemed to be a good time to remind myself that GOD is in control.  :-)

I hope your days are going well... that your happiness is real... that you know the future will be better... and the GOD is the source of your courage, faith, and love.