Thursday, 1 OCT 2015 :: So many things to share today!

The weekend is here again... for me, kind of.   There is always something to do, and when you work at home, it is hard to get away from it.  This makes the Sabbath rest even more challenging.  I keep praying for rooms I can close off, shut their doors, so I can separate work from from rest.

I went online to today to do my regular activities, and I discovered there was a mass shooting in Roseburg this morning.  I always wonder what moves someone, especially a young person, to do these things.  By the weekend there might be a small look into the deeper issues surrounding this terrible event.

Much of my attention was focused on trying to make my first video today.  I opened the little camera I bought, put in the batteries, the disk, and turned it on to film the closest subject... the pet dogs in the house where I live.  Trying to reach the editing stage was a long process because I don't have full access to the computer I use.  I think this limitation has also caused other problems in trying to post my finished video to Facebook and my craft blog.  It is deflating, but I need to figure it out.  I hope it won't take too long to reach the point of posting videos to social media and my blogs more frequently.

I went away from this post effort to check my video link at Facebook, and decided to create my username finally... then I had to post it at some of my Facebook pages, and then I decided to post it at the ETSY forums along with my new crafts blog announcement... I copied it all for you below...

Facebook is a challenge for me... but I am learning more about it every day (or month, maybe), and trying to get it all organized.  Next, I need to make some more pages for WT and all its programs...  then I still have to figure out how to link those individual pages to the right places.  :-)

Enjoy your weekend...  I may check back in if I find something important to share...  if I don't share some of the things I come across right away, then I forget them completely and move on to the next big issue...  with so many challenges in our world... this is how we are all being desensitized, and becoming uncaring, and losing our heart (compassion)...  I call it emotional overload.

Anyway...  think about the future, plan your life as much as you can... and plan it debt-free, just in case...

Thursday, 1 OCT 2015
Today is a busy day, I guess...
I finally checked on how to be able to get to your page (and refer others) like a regular webpage. I created my USERNAME !!!
I just checked it, and it actually works! Now I can change all my other links to the simple name. smile emoticon
Find me at ::
Isn't that fantastic! It is really going to help my linking to Facebook for all my marketing efforts. smile emoticon
(2014 is when I first started a Facebook account... it should be easy to remember.)
I haven't noticed anyone else's... what are yours?