Thursday, 22 OCT 2015 :: 2016 Membership Drive for Working Together

I was just at Twitter making a post about a Thanksgiving Challenge.  I decided to urge people to enter daily posts at an etsy thread on thankfulness during the month of least on the days leading up to Thanksgiving.  You are welcome to join the Challenge !!
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Most of the time I make a post about what I am thankful for, it starts at this thread on Etsy.  Then I copy it and re-post it on Facebook.  It would be great to know that others are thankful for the good things in their lives, too.  I have made it a commitment.  Right now I try to post my entry on Monday through Thursday, but I also add posts on other days when I feel the need.

While I was at Twitter, I decided to make a post about this blog.  I added one with the title of a post I made this week ::  Goals, Christmas, and Poverty.  I thought that title would fit the best.  I tend to get long in my titles, because my posts usually include several topics.

My best post was the first one I have made about Working Together and Membership.  I am planning a year-end Membership Drive in December, so I thought I may as well start the flow of links in that direction.  I am working on the new prices, PayPal links, and mail-in form this month.  It is one of the tasks on my developing GOAL lists.

It is hard to work out the subscription details for online sales.  I hoped to have an official office by now, and a better budget, and employees.  :-)  This is why I have to be careful how I structure the current options for Membership.  I know what I want to have, but have to make sure I can provide the benefits I want to have for members.

In the beginning, I offered a limited introductory membership for $5 a year... The benefits for this membership were WT NEWS delivered quarterly and a small discount on other Working Together purchases.

Over the years, I have created a variety of membership options, including free samples of other Working Together products, monthly newsletters, member credit options, and various discounts, plus priority status between Christian and Public membership groups.

Right now I am working on a new version of these benefit choices. A lot depends on what I can do with a PayPal purchase link.  I am studying up on their subscription options before I create my new purchase links.

If I had a lot of capital to lean on, I would simply create the program that I want to have for Christians.  Other interested people would be able to receive these benefits as Public Members.  Until I can accumulate enough savings to develop that kind of a program, I will work out the details with that in mind.

Have you wondered what Christians will need
in the persecuted future? 
I have based my programs on the experiences I have had in poverty, in churches, in life.  I think it will be similar in the future, as time goes by, and things in our world (and our country) get worse.  Once we get this process going, there will be places for Christians to turn to if their lives are facing persecution... if their church turns away from the Word of GOD, and if their family deserts them.

I hope GOD blesses this effort.

Think about joining Working Together yourself. 
Think about giving memberships as Christmas gifts.
Think about preparing a way for those you love.

I will share more about this as I finish developing the details.  Every program in Working Together has to pay for itself because I don't have the money to cover added expenses... yet.  This is why it is such a great challenge for me.  Once we get some savings and investments set aside, these issues will be less threatening.

And please pray... for me, and for Working Together.
I want to make it a global outreach and bring together all the existing ministries and Christians that already exist... that is why I named this effort "Working Together."