Wednesday, 7 OCT 2015 :: Catching up with SOME of the news!

I'm not sure what to title today's post, as I write this it is left undone.

I wonder if I should write about GUN CONTROL and the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.  Every time someone uses a gun to kill, someone wants to take away everyone's guns.  Seems a bit strange to me.  Laws aren't going to keep the bad guys from getting guns.  I heard one "statistic" that most of the guns were owned by white men, in the south (I think it was), and even mentioned they are mostly Republican.  I thought that was evidence of real great reporting... no bias there.  No one mentioned how many of those guns might be for hunting.  The areas mentioned were big hunting spaces.  I think a lot of people still feed their families by hunting wild game.  A good food source, and we hope they aren't eating GMO crops.  I think one deer could be about 200-400 pounds of meat, if I remember right.  That's a lot of money saved over a year's food bill.

OR, maybe I could talk about the election...  it amazes me how fair the reporting is ever election year.  The liberal media shows great publicity for their favored candidate/s, usually all Democrats, and only the bad sides, laughable moments, carefully worded, and negative, events in the lives of the opponents are revealed.  I may be exaggerating, but not much.  Hillary Clinton is a favorite this time around, and there may be a little bit of competition with Biden possibly entering the race, but the conversations are always about the positive angles on the difficult media attention.

We may see a Republican win this time because Obama has really created a need for damage control.  I don't know how well they will do with our problems, but we seem to volley back and forth between the two parties, always hoping for change, always trying to find someone who will find the answers to our ever-growing problems.  I am trying to decide which one to vote for, but it is still hard to know who will be there at the final choice.

OR, maybe I should focus on the media alone... no, I said enough for now in the election comment.  I must be healing with an attitude... I don't seem very kind tonight.  Sorry about that.  These issues get me angry.

OR, I suppose I could talk about the way the entire world is struggling to survive... and we ( us regular people ) can't do much about it.
  • I noticed that Europe is trying to find solutions to the refugee problems, and finances are also an issue there... Germany wants to share the load of refugees among all the countries in the European Union, but no one wants to share the burden.  --  That is what I heard in the news report today. 
  • Russia wants to control their world again.  No one can get rid of Assad, or ISIS, or the violence of war and conquest.  The other day there was a report of someone giving the militants we are fighting against brand new Toyota trucks... so Toyota was to blame for that one.
  • I heard today that California is actually sinking at the rate of 2 inches a month because of the water shortage... in a space that looked like an entire valley... where most of the worlds nuts, veggies, and something else (may be fruit) grows...  that is a scary thought.  I tried to ask my son if he thought it might be in the area of the earthquake fault, and if he thought mountains might be the boundary of the faults because I think, if I remember right, from my school days, that mountains are made by earthquakes.  He didn't know.

I watched the news about floods in one of the Carolina's, and felt the pain of losing everything you own.  I heard about two people who decided to ignore a road block and lost their lives when the road gave way and they were swept downstream.  I remember seeing a house with water up to the roofline, and the story of one family being saved by a Facebook post, only minutes before they might have drowned.  More dams there are in jeopardy of failing... so many more could be in the middle of this tragedy. 

I am wondering how we can financially survive all these natural disasters.  No one really plans on these expenses... at any level... homeowner, county, state, federal, global... we have so much to deal with on a day-to-day basis already.  I, personally, wonder if my retirement income is safe.  I want to go spend all my food stamps the day I get them to make sure they don't get taken away.

I heard one report that pumpkins are in jeopardy for Thanksgiving pies... imagine that, we have pumpkins for Halloween, but not enough for Thanksgiving.  This is because a majority of pumpkin crops are located in disastrous weather areas.  I hope to stock up on canned pumpkin as soon as I can!  Do I know if it's a true report?  Do I know if we really don't have enough canned pumpkin? Do I know if this is a marketing ploy?  No... I don't know... but I want to do what I can to avoid the problem later, when it matters.   ( I remember how the price of lettuce went up at the slightest indication of a crop problem... even when the crop being discussed was six months away, or more!  --  I guess I have a bad opinion of crop issues like this. )

So, you can see how I get when I focus on the news...  That is probably why I try to avoid these topics.          But, I am worried about my country, and about all the problems we face.  I hope we can find real solutions to the issues, with less government and more community.