Monday, 2 NOV 2015 :: A new month, with holidays approaching!

I started my end-of-the-month activities last week, but wasn't able to finish them this weekend because I spent many, many hours revising my goal pages, trying to get them all to mesh together and not be repetitive.  I am still working on these changes. 

I hope to get a single set of pages to use for all of 2016, to keep all my data consistent and easier to find and use for whatever I need it for (planning, budgeting, taxes, etc.).

There are so many different details to keep track of...
  • starting balances
  • general budgets
  • category spending
  • goals
  • priorities
  • selling activities
  • calendars
  • websites
  • listings
  • gigs
  • auctions
  • buy it now's
  • sales
  • coupons
  • food
  • time
  • special events
  • income
  • ongoing needs
  • long-term planning
  • payments
  • gifts
  • short-term activities
  • and more...
When I am rich and famous, I will be able to hire other people to do some of this stuff for me, but even the rich and famous need to create their own goals and plan how to achieve them. 

GOALS never go away... they just change. 
Achieve one goal and you need to create a new one.

Most of these efforts are at a personal level, but my business goals are dependent on my personal goals.  It's vicious cycle... (circle?)   I am sure I will find the best option for me... it just takes time and effort... and lots of revisions !!  :-)


Getting ready for Christmas is another goal for me this quarter.  I didn't have money last year, this year I have a little bit of money.  How to stretch that little bit is my challenge.

I love Christmas.  I love to give gifts. I love to share as much as I can with those who might need it.  Here are some of my favorite ways to give.  

  • NOVEMBER is the time that Samaritan's Purse collects Shoeboxes filled with gifts for children all over the world.  This year the collection week is from the 16th to the 23rd.  You can find a place near you to drop off a shoebox gift, where to send one, how to donate to the cause, or buy a shoebox online at the links above.
  • NOVEMBER is when we celebrate Thanksgiving in America. I don't know what happens all over the world, but I am slowly learning.  I have spent the holidays at Homeless Missions, so I always want to share something with a local mission for Thanksgiving.
  • NOVEMBER may be a good time to check on Toys for Tots, a great gift resource for poor families.  I have been a recipient in many over the years, and this is the best one I found.  I know that things change over the years, but I sure appreciated the difference between them and other gift-providing agencies.
  • DECEMBER is when I start looking for Christian Giving Trees so I can pick a name and try to find something they would like.  Usually that is a Salvation Army tree in Walmart or the community mall, but larger churches often have Giving Trees filled with the children of their congregation.
  • DECEMBER is when I try to make holiday goodies to share... cookies, candy, whatever I can.  With my kids grown, I have to find other places to give these traditions of food and time.

Enjoy your good goals and help as many as GOD allows you to.
In the weeks ahead, I will try to share more about the season of love and giving.