Tuesday, 3 NOV 2015 :: moving into slow gear

I can see my decisions moving toward once a week blogging... it is very time consuming to blog, even with my limited topics.  :-)  It is hard to get out of a habit  once you work hard to make it part of your life, and now I need to reduce my load... at least for a little while.

This will be interesting.

I have been trying to get to my crafts, and sorting through my goals forces me to make hard choices.  No one can do everything... we have to find the most important things to spend our time on.  I have a whole bunch of crafts waiting for me to get to them... and other things.

Today I spent most of the day with more revisions on my goal packet... It is really beginning to take shape, but it is another time-consuming effort.  I guess it is the creation process... the writing, the designing, the revising, the trial-and-error process... it all adds up.

My health is making me realize that I need to keep a limit on what I commit to.  So... I am working on that as I go through my goal pages.  What can I do?  What do I want to do?  What will bring the best "return on investment"  (money to live on!), and all that stuff.

So... I am hoping I will be able to organize a desk and files to collect info and write better blogs on more involved topics... and include photos, etc.  I am even thinking of creating PDF versions to post in a more concentrated and printable format.  I have been planning to do that for ages, it just hasn't risen to the top of my "list!"  

Well, I will let you know how this personal conversation goes...

It may be I am just exhausted right now and don't want to see another keyboard.  :-) 

That does sound like a good idea.  I will rest, see how it goes, and make a decision on another day.

See you tomorrow.