Wednesday, 4 NOV 2015 ::

Today was another day of revisions...

I guess I was able to catch up with some of my other day-to-day living requirements... like taking a shower.  :-)   When I stay home and get busy, I don't always try to impress myself by taking a shower... it seems to be a non-priority item on those days... especially on the weekends.  :-)  I wonder what the neighbors think.

Not really.  :-)

I received one of my Etsy orders today... from the San Francisco area.  In the box there was a section of their local paper.  :-)  I am wondering what I will discover there.  I guess that could become one of the great advantages of ordering from other places.  We could share the local news with each other and find out what they do there.  I have lived in Oakland, and use to work for the BART system way back when, but I am sure it has changed a lot since then.  I heard on a news program today that the price for a one-bedroom apartment there is somewhere around $3500 a month.  I'm sure that is for the people who work at minimum wage.  Even at their new wage level of $15 and hour, if they are fortunate enough to work 40 hours a week, they will still be homeless.

I guess I will let you think about the problems of poverty...  some of the issues are so difficult, I wonder what will happen to our country.