27 AUG 2014 :: Keeping Up With the Goal!

Here I am again...pretty soon this will be all routine, but for now it is a process. Some days are harder than others.

Right now I would like to sleep for awhile, hoping to feel more normal, but laundry is in the washer and soon needs to get to the dryer.

I went to get an x-ray this morning...hopefully it will say what is going on inside me. Since I paid $5 for a transit day pass to get there, after my x-ray I made the long trip to get printer ink for my printer and my son's copier. I also picked up some food because I rarely get out. Then I went to the nearby USPS to get 10 forever stamps.

I didn't know if my body would make it home, but we did. I rested a little, ate some lunch, and then started to do my "chores" that had to be done.  :-)  "Dishes and laundry are never-ending," as my comment goes. Now I am trying to get this done. Today it is a chore...and I am not inspired.  :-)

If I can possibly make it, I will try to take the bus to one more grocery store so I get the most I can from my transit pass. I normally can't do that very well...but I may try. I get ill, sometimes for two or more days when I try too much...but money is a motivator to try.  Getting old, getting ill, neither are a great experience.   (Those are words of warning to you young people.)

I may go ahead and write again later, or save my energy for tomorrow...but I think I will go for now. We don't see things very well when we are tired. :-)

May GOD help your day to be better than mine. I don't know what is going on in the world today, but I pray the GOD will help us get through it. I wish everything could always be perfect (By who's standard, I don't know!), but we have to survive whatever happens.

I hear a lot of people describe life in different ways and my view always comes to mind when I look at a river. The water just keeps going. It doesn't matter what happens, the water just keeps going. We have to see the larger view, the process, the things we can control and the things we can't. Today's joy and pain and struggles will all pass and we will face new moments tomorrow. Let's make every day a better day...that's a reasonable goal.