How to resolve the issues between us - Christian or Denomination?

It is hard to find a solution to all the things that separate us.  I signed up for today... so I could watch Apple Mortgage Cake (movie) and see what they had to offer over the first month free offer.  I am still doing that, but divisions are clear.  How can we clearly identify those questionable references, usually mixed into basic Bible references?  I don't know.

I thought it would be a good idea to bring all the denominations together yearly so the leaders could resolve those issues to make us ONE Body in Christ.  (Forty Days in the Wilderness... which existed long before the Forty Days of Prayer movements.)

I have planned to have pages that would compare the Bible with the main topics of disagreement.

I wondered if comparing all the different versions of the Bible we now have, and putting them beside the original text (with any details about problems with the common interpretation - like a study Bible I think) would help.

I wonder who cares... and who really wants to know... and if it is all a hopeless effort... and why GOD hasn't provided the funds to do this.  The saying that we fall because we are divided is really true, but how can we become united?  I continue to pray about this, and seek answers from GOD.

Technology allows others to invade the information we hear and see, change it's text, make it mean different things than GOD or the original author intended.  This is one reason I believe the END TIMES will be worse than any other time in the history of Mankind.  Military issues are another reason.  Ordinary people have no way to fight this kind of attack... especially those who don't have the original knowledge of the Bible's contents.  It means we have to change the way we do things.

All the battles we face make me wonder about the days of Noah... about Europe as Hitler grew into power... about the difference between popular thought and possible events.  I keep thinking of all the people who will suffer if the Antichrist gets here and the Rapture doesn't.  It isn't easy.

I guess that is how GOD works.

I wish it was different.  I hate to see suffering.  I hate to read about all the terrible things that happen in our world.  I wonder how it can be changed.

I watched a 1978 animated short film about Pilgrim's Progress this morning, too.  It was a reminder that we all travel to eternity alone.  Each life much choose the path to heaven or they will end up in the only other place we know of that is eternal :; The Lake of Fire.  Faith is not easy.  The battles are very real.  I just wonder what it means to my soul, my judgment.  How can I do more to save the ones GOD has made me to reach?  I don't feel equal to the battles in my life, so I look to GOD for each day's needs.  It is all I can do.

I have a hard time thinking about all the years up to now.  When I finally got to the point of putting WT down on paper and creating it as an Oregon corporation, I expected so much more from GOD.  The problems got worse.  I didn't know about spiritual warfare then... how it affects our lives... hidden enemies... no where to turn because every denomination has their own agenda and resource gauntlet.

Maybe it is my senior status that is affecting my view... I don't think I have the health to be a Colonel Sanders and start building when I am 80 years old.  :-)  I doubt my health will take me that far.  I know that the Enemy is attacking more now... people, faith, churches, etc.  I am seeking GOD again for what I can do... my part in the future... how to survive and then keep going.

When I am gone, will there be someone else that GOD has already been growing for the task?  I hope so.  I hope my children will be among those who meet me in heaven one day.  I would like to see as many of my family there as possible.  I pray for people who may never choose salvation, but I hope to see them in heaven.  More than any others, I pray and seek GOD for the kids who have no one to show them the right path, to love and protect them, to help them overcome past issues and find a new future.  When evil rises they are the among the easiest to victimize... along with seniors and those who are disabled.  How can we protect our own?

These are End Time issues.

I don't know of a single church in the whole world that is trying to build resources for the hard times ahead... and those already happening.  We see need as something that must be "fixed" - regulated back into the life we think is "normal."  I have been on that bridge and recently listened to a financial program that repeated the need to make sure the recipients of our benevolence are trained into sound financial habits so they won't need anything again.

The End Times will be very different.  Need is all that will exist in the Body of Christ.  It won't be their "fault" and there won't be any other choice than permanent interventions for more and more and more people... Christian people... young and old.  Missions will be the only place anyone thinks of going after everything else is lost.  They can't meet the needs of the lost, how will they meet the needs of the lost and Christians?

This is why I started trying to find ways to cover these problems... how Working Together became the goal it is.

How will we handle all the needs ahead?

What about your church?  Are they ready to help the people in the pews month after month, year after year, until the Antichrist is revealed and kills us all?  I hope you will think about these problems and start building your own permanent resource bridges for them  (and you, and your loved ones).

Think about this... it can take many years to build anything big.

Until next time,
In Christ,

Deborah Martin
Working Together Inc
Building for the End Times

May GOD have mercy on us and provide what we need to head in these directions... as soon as possible.  Amen.