Digital Currency and the Mark of the Beast

 This morning I found a couple emails about digital currency and our future.  One was from a survival group, the other was from a news source.  The message was the same -- digital currency means government control of our money.

It's frightening to even think this is happening.

Why does our government feel it has the right to decide what we can buy?!

I suppose the healthcare mandates gave it a new sense of power, or maybe desperation.  The end goal is to lower the costs of what the government pays for.  Total control means a lot of force on the free-market system.  

There isn't enough tax money to pay for everything some in the government want to establish.  We can only pay so much in taxes if we want to survive ourselves, and taxes are already too high for everyone.  I created this graphic awhile ago, but I hope to post it on social media a lot as this election cycle continues.

I have the idea we need to reform the government down to just ONE tax... a sales tax of 10% that is divided between the three government entities of federal, state, and county, plus 1% for our international obligations. 

I added that graphic to this post but it seems to only work in the position below the first one.  Someday I will learn how to make my posts look the way I want them to look.

I discovered, after creating my graphic, that we have an amendment about taxes.  A Paul Harvey video called FREEDOM TO CHAINS shares that there is no limit to the amount of taxes the government can claim... all the way to 100% is legally possible.  Did anyone know that when they created this amendment?  I suppose we just assumed the government would never do that.

Our societies have become less godly in the years since many of our laws were created.  It makes a difference.  

The focus on digital currency is just one step away from the MARK of the Beast.  Once digital currency is the law of the land, requiring the financial microchip into every body will create the biblical MARK and the eventual end to all Christians, who will oppose it.

I said long ago that most of these changes we object to come into power under the banner of "safety."  It's the threat of harm that becomes the political hammer and we (the people) have to submit to what our elected representatives choose for us.

Democracy has become a weapon against those who believe in America, in GOD, in the good that freedom creates, in moral foundations, in biblical values of Truth, Justice, Charity, Love, Faith, and Human Worth.  We are now more swiftly becoming an oppressed people.

It is hard to see this happening.

Prophecy is something that cannot be changed.  We just don't know how it will become reality.  How much longer do you think we have?