12 FEB 2015 :: Marketing

13 FEB 2015 -- I didn't get back to finish this post... I got sidetracked by the widgets I discovered. Read about them at my Crafts Explored post today...you will be able to view them there. I couldn't get them to show up in this blog.

11 FEB 2015 :: The future is getting better.

This week I have been sorting through my GOALS notebook after leaving it alone since I ran out of ink for my printer at the end of last year.  I was able to revise and update several of my goal-oriented forms, including one for planning my blogs.  In the process, I made headings for each weekday, and quickly filled in Crafts Explored for Fridays.  I have been struggling to decide what to do about my WT topics, but finally sorted through and made this schedule:

  • Mondays  ::  WT Program Reviews  (Catching up with WT programs and events, the weekend, and plans for the week ahead.)
  • Tuesdays  ::  WT - Basic Needs  (food, shelter, finances, etc.)
  • Wednesdays  ::  WT - Prisons
  • Thursdays  ::  WT - Politics
  • Fridays  ::  Crafts Explored
Once I get my newly printed Blog Planning form filled in for January and February, I will be able to start working on topics to write about in the future.  Once I have some good topics, I will be able to gather more information for writing about them.  It is good to get organized, to see a path you can walk, and find a way to achieve your goals.

In the quest for saving time and deciding what information is the most important to keep track of, I changed my daily record form into a weekly format.  It will reduce the need to print as many pages and reduce what I keep track of.  We'll see how it works out.  :-)  I like to keep details for referencing... and there isn't much room for a lot of details on a weekly sheet.  So many things happen in a day and they seem to blur as they pass. Having a record to refer to helps me remember when something was done, was mailed, or happened.

My Pantry List is also being updated but it is going through a major overhaul.  This is a really hard project. I've been working on finding a one page solution to this need for several years.  My challenge is limiting the entries to things I really use without duplicating or forgetting anything.  Food comes in several forms (fresh, dried, canned, packaged, frozen...), which complicates the process.

Food is such a critical necessity...and in poverty households, keeping track of it helps you to save money.  Wasted food is wasted money.  It helps in planning meals, in deciding what you need to buy, and in stocking up for the future so you aren't left without anything.  In time, I hope to work out meals to go with the Pantry List.

I'm getting really excited as I sort through all this and look forward to having even a small amount of money to work with.  GOD has to deal with other issues, but I am always hoping today will be the day, or tomorrow, or the next day, or....

In another matter, I discovered the lottery was over 500 million dollars later today.  I decided to walk to the local convenience store and invest $2 in one ticket...  I may not win, but you can't win if you don't have a ticket.  :-)   I am always hoping GOD will provide for me and WT some way...  my history doesn't allow many options and  I haven't been able to sell enough online to cover the need.  I don't know if buying one ticket now and then is gambling...but it seems to be the only financial option for me.  If GOD wants to bless us (WT and me), one ticket is all I will need.

May GOD provide for WT so WT can provide for others.  Amen.

10 FEB 2015 :: Different interpretations of the same thing.

When we discover the world for the first time, it is usually through the eyes of those closest to us.  We trust that they will tell us the truth, teach us what we need to know, and protect us from harm.  Our first helpers in life are usually our parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, and teachers.  If we are raised in the church, those we trust might include pastors and youth leaders.  In the years it takes to become an adult, we sometimes discover that our opinions are different than the ones we learned from those closest to us. 

This seems to be what happened with the church as it grew through the centuries.  As time passed, and people studied the message of Christ, the words of the Apostles, the history of the Jews, the Bible, and the people who believed, differing interpretations existed.  When these differences couldn't be resolved, the church divided into another denomination. 

This is my view, even though I haven't studied Biblical history.  I noticed that each denomination seems to have a central theme, and each theme is only part of the total picture the Bible shares with us. One is based on celibacy, another on the gift of tongues, another on baptism, another on the Sabbath, another on healing, another on separation from the world, another on the declaration of grace....

The Body of Christ is ONE being.  If we are divided into so many denominations, if we have both similar and differing views, how does that express GOD's view, the Biblical view? Who is right, and who is wrong?  And how do we decide which teachers have the real truth?

This is the ongoing problem.  How would you solve it?

9 FEB 2015 :: Spreading the word...historical perspectives on abortion and activism.

It has been such a long weekend that I forgot it was Monday!   :-)   Time flies, huh!

I have been working on my spaces to get things done... and being busy with several things... things that are on the "to do" list, but that keep getting passed up for other important activities.

My FB page had a post I was shocked to find... a photo of two babies that were killed by a saline abortion... their skin blackened by the burning effects of salt on an unborn child.  I hadn't seen photos like that since the 60's or 70's...I'm not sure when, I don't keep track of the pro-life movement as a historian.  In those days there were lots of photos of what happens to a child in an abortion.  Activist pro-lifers would find the remains of abortions in the trash cans of abortion clinics.  The pro-choice/pro-abortion movement reacted by installing large garbage disposals in their facilities.

In the recent past, the knowledge of what happens in an abortion blended with my concern about the oceans as water is extracted for drinking.  If they keep putting the salt back into the ocean, won't it get even more unbalanced and burn/kill all the life in the ocean?

I didn't realize salt was so harmful.  I heard that Salt Lake has so much salt that you float and can't sink even if you want to.  So how much is too much?  I don't think there is anything alive in Salt Lake.

I would like to share another Facebook (FB) post I discovered and have been trying to find the creator of it.  It is also pro-life.  It made me think of how great it would be as a sticker to put on envelopes and other mailed or shared items. A sample is to the left. If you know who the creator is... let me know.

Samaritan's Purse has a great sticker for Operation Christmas Child, the shoebox gift program they operate.  I use it all year on as many mailed envelopes as I can so awareness is shared all year.  You can share a shoebox gift all year, not just at Christmas.  They deliver all year to far off places, and always need donations to cover the costs of the program.  You can even buy your shoebox online.  I haven't seen how it's done, but I have seen that the option is available.  I like to purchase the toys and other contents myself, but some like to do everything online.

I like the idea of using stickers as a seal for envelopes. It's marketing and an extra form of envelope security...to a point.  :-)  I am also going to get my Working Together logo made into a sticker for the same reasons.  (The sample below is a maybe version... I have a thinner cross version that came before this one, which I may like better.... I am still praying about it.  :-)

When I was in Eugene (Oregon), the local newspaper (Register Guard) had advertising stickers that were easily removed and didn't damage the paper too much.  I thought they would be a wonderful product for everyone to use... and especially college towns.  It was a perfect tool for anyone wanting to share their event or group or political statement, and it didn't cause permanent damage. It would be easy to clean up. The only problem was they couldn't make them like a sticker at that time... maybe they have figured out a way to do that by now.     :-)

Another election year is near...  stickers might be a great and inexpensive tool for sharing all our opinions.