Friday, 26 FEB 2016 :: Update - What is happening with WT

I am in the midst of blogging duties so I decided I need to add a post here...  time gets away from me, and I am trying to separate my blog topics... I'm not sure what will end up here in the future.

Working Together is struggling the same issues it has always struggled with... money for wages and development.   :-)   I keep hoping that GOD will bless it with enough to get started better, but so far lottery tickets every now and then have not been the source!  :-)  One never knows how GOD will do things, so I just keep waiting and doing what I can.  So far, that has been a combination of personal retirement projects and trying to find a sales income source for WT.

I created the  TRIAL  MEMBERSHIP  button to start the process.  It will work well with my annual membership drive in December to keep the membership year January to December.  For the US$5 fee, Trial Members will receive an  email  newsletter  on a quarterly basis...  beginning with the next issue available after their fee has been processed.  One of the hallmarks of membership in Working Together will be the  Member  Packet.  I have been trying to decide if anything else should be included in the Trial Membership because our income status is so non-existent and its fee barely pays for the costs of delivering the quarterly newsletter, but I am aware that the Member Packet is the best thing we can offer.  It is a sampling of our products for members to try.  I am in the process of deciding its contents now. 

Regular members will have their own list of benefits, including a different Member Packet for new members and renewing members... plus a small discount when Working Together products are purchased.  This will all become an online process, but right now I am the only one doing anything so I have to make it workable for me.

Everything is related ::  income equals growth, employees, programs, resources.  Everything will grow as each year brings profits to work with.  Our purpose is to create jobs and housing and food for our members, tithing to meet the needs of those outside our boundaries, and increasing benefits as years of membership are accrued.  This is the plan... and is meant to continue until we are all gone.

For me, this effort to "Build for the End Times" has caused a lot of problems I didn't expect, including homelessness and having to be "dormant" at times, almost losing our business status so many times, trying to build Working Together in unconventional ways, waiting on GOD's provisions, looking for new options, struggling to reach the people we need to reach, etc.  I am on the verge of homelessness again and have shared my BIG prayer request already, which would provide for me as a retiring person and to continue developing things for WT.  (I think my prayer request is blogged at on the 10th or 11th of FEB.)

There are so many things to consider about our future as Christians.  When I see the news, read articles in magazines, online, through social media, etc., it is sometimes terrifying to see how fast things are changing, especially in America.  I wonder if there is time to prepare anything.  My efforts stem from my own experiences and knowing how difficult and desperate our lives become with unexpected tragedy and need.  I hope GOD will allow us to prepare for those children and grandchildren who will come after us, and may not yet have a personal relationship with GOD.

Please JOIN me today... we can build this ministry together.