16 OCT 2014 :: Christian faith and crowd-funding

Well....I have been looking into crowd-funding beyond Kickstarter, really looking for Christian options, and they aren't many. I discovered Faith Launcher (www.faithlauncher.com) and decided to start a campaign to see what happens. I am in the process of discovering the requirements and filling out the online forms.

I had to register with a Word Press site to add my own avatar to the site. That linked to my social media sites (Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others I don't have or know about. I couldn't get my Yahoo link to work.) I also have to register with something called "WePay," which I think must be like PayPal.  Kickstarter is associated with Amazon Payments. I don't know about the others yet.

Trying to explain my situation is always a challenge. I am also trying to work out the Reward tiers. I am up to $100 USD, and trying to decide how high to go. There are no instructions on the limits and when I go to the Preview screen it doesn't show all the levels I started but haven't filled in. Tonight I will be trying to decide what to try for...go high or medium high. I would love ANY decent amount of money right now... Today I am frustrated and I just cannot believe the path GOD has taken me on since 1975...and especially the last fifteen years.  :-(

I made the account in Working Together's name, so the project has to be associated with it. I debated about setting the account up for a personal project.  :-)  Mostly, I want Working Together to make enough money with its sales to pay me a wage!  :-)

I'm not sure what the text limits are on explaining your situation and what you are requesting the funding for. I will find out the next time I work on it.

I remembered why I didn't go ahead with the effort the last time...it required a video. Now I see a photo may be enough...I have to figure that out.

I was going through my Goal Notebook this morning and looking at different goals I have, and trying to add notes about how to achieve them. Crowd-funding was one of them, which is why I went ahead and started the Christian campaign today.

I also revised my personal income goal to a 20-hour work week at $15/hour...as far as WT is concerned. I tend to work at something most of the time, but that wage level would give me $1200 gross income per month. Adding my Social Security income would make it about $1600/month (gross), which is more than I have probably ever earned in my life! :-(   I would keep going with my online sales efforts, and that would replace my WT income later on.

When you begin to formulate the details of your goals, it can become quite a process. I don't have official SMART Goals yet, but they are forming as I work to organize my lists.

Anyway, after working out the details for my WT wage goal, and estimating benefits and employer taxes, I discovered it would take about $20,000/year in cash to have a PT employee, including myself. To hire 50 PT employees I need at least $1,000,000 each year.  That is a lot of money. I am trying to figure out how many repeating memberships that would require, and other program incomes.

I keep wondering if I should go ahead and include the employee needs in my request. It has been such a hard time getting to today, I hardly feel like GOD is going to provide through a crowd fund. :-)  BUT, I don't want to deprive Him of the opportunity either!

As I work through all these issues, please PRAY for me and for Working Together. I am desperate for several financial needs just to keep going and pass WT on to the one GOD has planned it for... I really want to get my mailing address back...and that means I need a miracle right now!  

I don't have a church to ask, so I am putting it out for the world to see and hoping GOD has someone out there listening...someone with a big checkbook!  :-)   I always hope for the best and wait to see what GOD does. No matter who interferes, GOD is the one in charge. I have to remember that, and try to see what He is doing.

Until next week...

15 OCT 2014 :: Updates and ongoing issues

Here I am again, early! For me, that is. I'm considering doing an update at night and scheduling it for the morning...seems like old news, but I may try it.

Still having issues with fiverr...trying to find the easiest way to overcome them -- now and in the future.

I really don't want to give up on the site because I like the $5 format...I think it is a great idea. I once decided that $5 would be a reasonable amount that people would be willing to risk for purchasing something unknown, for donating to strangers, etc. I had it as my trial price for WT membership at one time.

I have been considering going back to that promotion price. It wasn't a standard membership, it only allowed some of the benefits I planned for Working Together. At the time, it allowed a quarterly newsletter to be mailed, and a discount on some of the products offered. I think $10 would be the lowest it could go this time, but I would prefer to find a $25 commitment.

Maybe I can figure something out by the end of November. I have wanted to focus on a yearly Membership Drive every DECEMBER and JANUARY. The problem is I just have never had enough money to survive myself, which makes it impossible to promote Working Together anywhere except online. I am already overdue on the one Christian newspaper I did make a commitment to (http://cnnw.com)

The full membership (75 USD/year) allows each member an internal credit, discounts on certain Working Together products and services, WT News by email, a Member Packet with samples of what we offer, and priority access to [future] events. Membership is for individuals only, and Christian applicants are required to sign our Statement of Faith. All other individuals would be registered under the Public heading. Lifetime memberships are available for $5,000 to US mailing addresses (US$7500 to all other mailing destinations).

It has been so long since I have been able to update my site and focus on WT products and programs, I had to check my store page again!  I should note here that I used the 10% tax rate through PayPal as a flexible fee to cover online expenses, especially for the larger items. At the time I listed them, it was the only way to separate the fees from the actual Membership prices and I was told the money didn't automatically go to a tax fund.  I am hoping to change my ordering options as soon as I can.

I advocate for the deletion of all taxes except a 10% sales tax. It would solve so many problems for everyone, the government included. If you have read my previous writings, you will know that I think 1% should be allocated to international governing issues, then the remaining 9% divided equally to Federal, State, and County governments (3% each). This process would force the government to budget, not allow an endlessly increasing tax base, lessen the government costs associated with income and property tax, keep people from losing their homes to tax issues, allow partnerships between the three branches for large projects, and (MOST IMPORTANT) keep the relationship between citizen and government at a reasonable level.

I better get going. I can write forever!  :-)

Keep checking my fiverr.com/work2gather store, and the fiverr.com/workingtogether site if you can, and my etsy.com/shop/work2gather location. I will be doing my best to create more listings as the days go by. Don't forget my Facebook page under Deborah Martin (I don't know how it is linked to places yet) [*** added below after posted]  and Twitter @work2gather --- I'm trying to figure out how to increase my Facebook people, and Twitter and Pinterest people.  :-)  Social media is such a challenge!

If you want to help Working Together, purchase memberships or gift certificates. I don't know how I can fully recover from losing my PO Box, but the sooner the better. Any help, financially, is greatly appreciated.

Pray that GOD's power will be evident in the saving and protection of those who love Him. Help me to start the process of building safe havens/places of refuge for the End Time decline. Thanks.

[*** This is my Facebook link, I think. There seem to be a LOT of Deborah Martin's.  :-) ]

14 OCT 2014 :: Moving up on the sales options chart!

I'm not feeling well today so I want to get this done early...

I have added two more postcard gigs to my fiverr.com/work2gather collection...but still have to do edits as I found a problem right before I logged out.  :-(   I deleted my original "create a postcard..." because that would be too time-consuming. This postcard mailing effort may be just right for me and for fiver...but I think I will add it to my ETSY shop as well.  :-)

Now I am trying to find something to focus on for my eBay pages.  :-)  I don't really own much, so selling my unneeded items isn't an option. I am trying to decide whether to auction all of my extra items, whenever they become a storage problem.

If I feel better after resting, I may get to that ETSY listing process after I finish editing the fiver gigs. I can post on Facebook and Twitter, so far...have to figure out how to do Pinterest. It is all beginning to take shape...and get organized.

I do still need to get to my new paintings.
PRAY that I get to these things.

More important, I need a miracle for my PO Box in Eugene, and to move back in that area. As I said, I am praying for a farm property - big enough to start our own graveyard!  :-) 

If you can, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, I really need to get my Working Together task back in place and away from those who only hurt me because of my faith.   Amen.

13 OCT 2014 :: Finally started a fiverr.com gig

I have had such a hard time figuring out what to list as a fiverr gig...it is a hard site to use as a seller, at least for me...but I finally decided on a postcard gig that will work, and added a supplemental gig to sign and date it, and then followed the lead of other sellers and put a TIP gig up.  :-)  

If I can get this set listed, I will add my other postcards to it.

I am thinking I will add them to my ETSY shop, too.

Fiverr.com is about $5 gigs...doing something for a single price -- $5.00. Some of the gigs are really time-consuming, so I don't know how they can offer them. I was browsing the site and came across the mail you a postcard gig section and realized I could do that with my own postcard designs...the rest evolved from there. 

I have listed my LOVE writing first. It is something you can send to another person, and I am laminating it so it can be framed more easily once it reaches its destination.

A postcard is something I can learn about international shipping on...which has been on my goal list for a long time. It is scary to think about all the issues associated with global sales and shipping at the online sales level. I hope to learn on this effort. It won't be much more than sending first class letters, but it is a start.

Over the weekend, and today, I have been developing my sales options for different venues. It is a challenge to decide what to do with all the things I have long planned to do... It always hinges on the budget, which is zero for me.  I think laminating might work good.

GOD didn't provide for my desperate need (PO BOX renewal fees) so I have to find a way to get my mail, update my records, continue to try to move out of where I am and back to the place I came from (EUGENE, OR), and not cry from all the problems I have been dealing with. I never understand GOD when these things happen, but I know He has a purpose. I hope it is the salvation of my sons before I die.

Well, I can't write any more right now. I am still very upset.

I hope you will order my postcard when it finally gets approved by fiverr.com to list. There shouldn't be anything wrong with it, but I seem to have unending problems with fiverr. :-(  Share my sales need with anyone you can.  Maybe I can still salvage my life and PO Box.