WTI :: Thinking about 2021 today...

I was going through my notebooks and trying to organize them for 2021 again... today.  In the process, I decided that if I can get an email list figured out for Working Together, that would take the place of the TRIAL Membership.  So, I will be working on getting an email sign-up path posted on the WT webpage by DECEMBER's Annual Membership Drive.

The TRIAL MEMBERSHIP was a quarterly newsletter by email or print... which requires postage.  Maybe I should keep the print version for people who want it... I will have to think on that.  International postage from here is over a US dollar for just a letter size communication.  If we do 12 of them, it would have to cost at least $25 a year.  It is a great print option, though.  I'll let you know what I decide after I figure out the postage and process costs.

I'm working on prices for other things associated with Working Together, too.  The plan has always been to create products to help with the costs of each program, benevolence, and other parts of the global challenge to unite and protect the Christian communities we have.  Those in hiding will need special programs and products.  I don't know who they are, but there are already groups that serve them.  We just have to connect and get a plan going and FUND them. 

The election results will tell us a lot about our future activities.

I recently found an old PDF of my CORD (Christian Online Resource Directory) application.  If I can figure out the problems I have with my computer and making the digitals I need, I will be able to create an updated form for CORD and for MEMBERSHIP applications... Prayer Requests and Praise Reports... and maybe get the ESSAY 321 competition going soon.

This battle to grow Working Together seems like such a long and hard effort.  I wonder why.  I wonder why GOD hasn't intervened in the problems I have faced.  I wonder when He will.  

I looked at land on my computer again today.  I am signed up to receive emails from a few of the large land parcel real estate companies.  Sometimes I go to the highlighted sites and look at them.  

I discovered today that MONTANA own all the water rights in the state.  Oregon does that, too.  I find that objectionable.  I don't know yet if it is something we need to fight.  I do know the governments of our country are struggling to exist and pay all the obligations they have, so they are desperate for any kind of income they can raise.  Water access is soon on the horizon I assume.

The listing I looked at had an irrigation charge of almost $15K a year... for what looked like just one irrigation circle. I think most irrigation charges are for river water, but I don't know if this was the case for this property.

I look for the costs of large parcels because I assume there will be a lot of Christians wandering into the communities we need to build for them.  Water and Food are critical to survival.  Air is also essential, but we don't have much control over that.  Water is second on the list of survival needs, for humans, for plants, for animals, and for whatever else it is essential for... humidity?  Clean water is essential, but some places don't have that available.  To grow food, to grow animals for food and other resources, we need clean water.

This is one reason Oregon and Montana want to own the water in their states.

I have been trying to find out how much land is required to raise food animals, so I can figure that in deciding if a property is worth wanting.  I have a list somewhere... but I think someone has figured out an average acre size for cows, sheep, horses, goats, chickens, and other food options.  That doesn't include the dangers of wild predators like wolves and bears and mountain lions.

If GOD ever provided the money needed, all this will need to be decided before we can make a purchase to develop.

I remember reading somewhere that Old West kind of families needed about 200 acres for growing all the crops and providing for their work animals.

If you make all your bread and pancakes and biscuits and gravies and other foods needing flour, you need to grow enough grain for a year, have a machine to grind it up, make sure yo can safely store it, etc., until the next year's crop is harvested.

I have seen all the hay stored for winter for the land parcels I have been looking at.  If that is how much is saved for animals, how much will be needed for human beings?  It's a big challenge.

I don't like industrial farming because of their business practices, so finding a way for our future means organic and small scale... enough for each community by each community.  We will only have what we can create for ourselves.

It's not something most Christians seem to think about, especially in urban areas.  I have always known we need to, but haven't been able to reach the places I hoped I would already have reached by now.

Prophecy, History, GOD's Word, these all have meaning in our lives today.  We need to walk in Faith toward the future so we can last as long as we can in times of growing persecutions.  I generally just focus on the reality of a cash-less society... what does it mean to our lived to not be able to buy and sell, to get groceries, gas, clothes, etc.  It changes the way you see our future in this world we live in.

Working Together was my way of trying to keep others from suffering all the things I suffered through, and more.

I'm not young anymore.  I may not be here much longer, only GOD knows how long I will live.  I have been sharing all the things I can to try to reach those who can build for the future and fight to save Christians everywhere.

I still hope that Working Together will be that foundation, and provide the funds for the global process.  That depends on Christians.  It is all based on Membership Fees.  Sales of other products are for extra options, for developing new things, for outreach in other ways... and part of the yearly expenses we don't know about yet.

I hope this will be the year GOD provides.

To help me at a personal level, to prepare, to figure out how to get this going, becoming one of my ONE MILLION supporters at my Patreon page will help.  Just $5.  That's all I am asking.  It was hoped to be the funding I needed to accomplish so many things.

I hope you will be one of those people.

WT Membership.

Patreon support.

Or even my ETSY shop  -- I have a BODY OF CHRIST mug there.

Hope you will.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin


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