WT :: PREPPING for the Future : Elections, Membership, & Christianity

Here I am again... trying to get more posts done.  This month I am trying to do one post almost every day... 

The biggest focus for Working Together is the DECEMBER MEMBERSHIP DRIVE.  I need to review all my prices for the different types of memberships, the benefit structure, new PayPal links for collecting your payments, and how to reach the Christian world with my limited budget and resources.  

Every day I think this will be the day that GOD will provide for this work, but it isn't.  When GOD doesn't show up for our prayer requests, we tend to think He isn't listening, that He doesn't care, that we have something not figured out yet, that the Enemy is causing our problems. It makes us think more deeply about a lot of things in the Bible, in our life, in our spiritual focus.

I have had to do that since 1987 for Working Together (WT), but I was trying other paths for this effort before that.  Watching so much pain and hurt and misery continue while GOD wasn't providing resources for WT has been hard.

We know that there is no power greater than GOD, but we don't really understand the boundaries of Free Will in how He works in our world.  I decided it wasn't as simple as what I have heard preached about it.

The very difficult details of my life led me to seek GOD for answers.  In prayers I was divided between my great needs and His provisions for all the needs of Christians as things get worse and worse.  Working Together has one purpose  -- to create what the Body of Christ will need to survive for as long as possible - until the Antichrist gets here.  

We expect GOD to answer every need as soon as it appears.  He doesn't always do this.  Then we have to search for WHY.  I decided a lot of the pain and suffering we face in this world is connected to FREE WILL, which is GOD's promise to let us make our own choices.

The 2020 global medical shutdown has shown us how vulnerable we are to new kinds of attacks on our economy.  How fast our economy can change, and destroy everything in our daily lives.  We are struggling to deal with so many different kinds of problems, our political future is becoming a fork in the road... there is no easy answer for anything we are facing.

We call it socialism versus capitalism, but the differences are much bigger that we have ever thought they could be.  Socialism is when the "boss" is the government, Capitalism is about being able to build the kind of life you want to have through hard work and personal effort.  BOTH of these depend on the morality of the people involved.  

In our human world, there are big problems with both forms of government.  I know the world of government providing for your survival needs... I would choose the freedom to make your own future, which I have tried to do -- with little success.  I can hope for a better future as a free person in America, I would never have this hope in a restricted government-controlled existence.  I guess Welfare has taught me this.

What I have needed, and not been able to find, is what I have designed Working Together to provide for Christians.  

We need to see that Bible prophecies warn us about what is coming, and try to prepare for our needs before it gets here. 

This is why I have wondered where GOD was in providing for these needs.

This is what the Membership Drive is all about... creating resources NOW for the time they will be needed in the future.

I hope, when December gets here, that you will join Working Together.  If you can, please sign up for the Trial Membership now so there will be a start to the process, and better preparation for December.  Every membership helps.

In Christ,

Deborah Martin