21 MAY Update - working on monthly goals

Hi, again... I was checking links and realized how long it has been since I posted here... So sorry.  I am working on posting more entries at my blogs, my Patreon tiers, and on social media... wherever I have a place to share...  it's part of my plan to catch up with things and make a better plan for the rest of the year.

This is my CHALLENGE YEAR!  :-)  
( https://patreon.com/DebsRetirementPlan )  
I am trying to find ONE MILLION people willing to share $5 with me.  You can sign up with my Patreon Challenge Tier for $5 (USD), then cancel before the next month's autobilling… OR... you can sign up and stay with my page to watch how things go.

In my search for ways to gather this funding, I came across  paypal.me/work2gather  as an option to donate $5 without the problem of signing up for PATREON.  Just go to that link and you can help me reach this goal.

PayPal also allows you to send an email from your own PayPal account as a payment method. I am learning more about this option.

Any PayPal payment option requires you to have your own account. The sign-up process is not difficult, and most people who purchase online are already familiar with PayPal.

The best option for me is you becoming a monthly supporter... $5 a month.


I guess you can donate to Working Together as well... my account there is   paypal.com/workingtogetherinc  -- NO tax receipts are available, just long prayed for gratitude and a deeply-felt thank you for helping me get WT going.


Patreon is my effort to raise funds for my own needs and to work on some of WT's programs.  Membership is in December, but yo can still do TRIAL Memberships and LIFETIME Memberships.

This is a big year for me.
I am doing what I can, and praying that GOD will finally intervene on my behalf.
There is a lot of work to do.

On the way, I am trying to update and  build up  the WT webpage.
I am working toward making printable descriptions of each program to make the whole concept more understandable.
I am learning video and audio, going to work on creating a presentation for my Patreon page and then work on one for WT...
It's a slow process for me because of financial limitations.
There are other issues GOD needs to deal with as well.

Lots of changes this year, with monthly goals to overcome all the needs I face for WT.

Keep in touch...
I will be trying to post at least once a month.

In Christ,
Deborah Martin
and more...